Es extraño pues el archivo este generado y se indica la clase donde se encuentra el main. JAR manifest: IntelliJ IDEA will pass a long classpath via a temporary classpath.jar. If I was programming in any other language, I'd say, hey well IntelliJ isn't going to be perfect for Scala, or Dart, or whatever. The jar file is empty (has no .class files at all). The original classpath is defined in the manifest file as a class-path attribute in classpath.jar . But it is in the MANIFEST.MF in the filesystem. Can't execute jar- file: “no main manifest attribute” ... Wrong in IntelliJ IDEA created .jar. Creating Jar with Intellij IDEA 2017.3 – no main manifest attribute, in .jar 1 5 February 2018 in Java tagged intellij / jar / java / manifest by Tux Recently we tried to create a Jar file from IntelliJ … Edit the artifact configuration. Now when I use IntelliJ's Build | Build Project, the program compiles AND Gradle creates the JAR file. In eclipse the same. Especially if the language had a dedicated IDEA IDE (PyCharm, RubyMine, etc) But compiling Kotlin? The Jar File outputted is of wrong size (Below 1KB), and should be 40KB+. To run Java applications packaged in Java archives (JARs), IntelliJ IDEA provides the JAR Application run configurations. I unzipped the jar file and looked at the manifest file and it looks ok. 0. You will be able to preview the full command line if it was shortened using this method, not just the classpath of the temporary classpath.jar . The manifest file in the created jar contains: Manifest-Version: 1.0 Ant-Version: Apache Ant 1.6.5 Created-By: 1.4.2_12-b03 (Sun Microsystems Inc.) which has come from somewhere, where I have no idea. Project will build in IntelliJ but jar file will not run Follow. Run JAR artifacts. Edit. SmashSpotify is the main class. I can no longer get Intelli 2018.3.4 to build a jar file. Después de esto Build / Build artifact. For example, if you select Build Project then IntelliJ IDEA will build the whole project before the run. - 'jar, link via manifest and copy' - create separate jar from the module output directory, copy the jar outside main.jar file according to specified relative path, modify Class-Path attribute in 'main.jar' 2. A la hora de ejecutar por cmd java -jar **-jar el sistema me responde: No hay ningún atributo de manifiesto principal en **.jar. 11. intellij build jar artifact containing gradle dependencies. I'm trying to get started on IntelliJ. After unzipping the Jar File, there are two files which are not in my "main" folder. Manifest … Votes. If you configured an auto-build, then IntelliJ IDEA uses the Problems tool widow for messages. Build the whole artifact as if for the first time. Clean. IntelliJ: Maven: Build Artifact to Jar but cant execute jar. Hot Network Questions I've setup my project, and I'm now trying to create the JAR file. I have also searched my project for other signed jar files. Here is a picture of my project layout. Technically, this is Clean followed by Build. Answered. Share. Delete all the contents of the artifact output directory.

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