Yet Hecate had other, more revealing names, and these are the subject of our interest for the time being. Hammond recurs in the season 1 of Stargate Atlantis and seasons 8 through 10 of Stargate SG-1. Earth is eventually able to annihilate Anubis's fleet above Antarctica in "Lost City", but Anubis survives in energy form ("Lockdown"). In season three of SG-1, she finally got a contract deal with the producers. But the plans were changed and actor Stevens left the Stargate set in Vancouver after the shooting of "Last Stand". Selmak fell into a coma shortly after the Dakara Superweapon was activated thus preventing him from saving Jacob. The Ori are religious while the Ancients prefer science. As stated in season 2's "1969", Daniel speaks 23 languages, including Russian, German, Spanish, and Egyptian. Ayiana 3. Dan Payne in a DVD special about the creation of the Kull warriors. For characters in Stargate Universe, see, In Season 3 Charles Kawalsky was included. [7] Jonas was slowly integrated into the story in a prolonged transition stage over the first half of season 6. → Hauptartikel: Bekannte Antiker 1. [85] They meet the real Thor one season later when they enlist him to save Cimmeria from Heru-ur's invasion. Oma is involved in Daniel Jackson's ascension in "Meridian" and forceful de-ascension in "Fallen", and also helps the entire Abydonian population ascend after Anubis's attack in season 6's "Full Circle". At the XXIth century, the only corporeal known Ancients were the crewmembers of the warship Tria, which were slaughtered by the Asurans soon after their return to Atlantis, and a little group, Vasi's Team, trapped on board the Destiny. The Stargate producers offered her the part when she was visiting the set while in Vancouver for another job. Martouf's symbiote, Lantash, survives and is placed in a Tok'ra stasis chamber, which is destroyed in a Goa'uld attack in season 5's "Last Stand". [95] Thor summons the Odyssey to the Asgard homeworld Orilla and installs the entire knowledge base of the Asgard race on the ship. It is likely that just before an Ancient reaches ascension, this is the final evolutionary state. He was then brought back for the follow-up episode "Inauguration", which began the rehabilitation of the Woolsey character. In season 6's "Prometheus", rogue NID agents hijack the unfinished starship Prometheus and demand that Simmons, along with Adrian Conrad's Goa'uld, be released. As a result, I was initially leery at the prospect of introducing them to SGU but, as so often happened over the course of my many years in the franchise, I trusted in Brad [Wright] and Robert [C. Cooper] and, in the end, that trust was rewarded with a terrific story element that not only succeeded as planned [...] but offered up plenty of interesting story material for future episodes [of Stargate Universe]. Following his decision to retake human form, he rejoins SG-1 at the beginning of season 7. They were also known for writing information on stone tablets. The Goa'uld transplanted humans throughout the galaxy to serve as slaves and hosts, and they created the Jaffa to serve as incubators for their larvae. This religion states that they created humanity and as such are to be worshipped by their creations. And the return of the mailbag! Distinctions So if you're on a series like Stargate SG-1 you have that work for seven years. Given its predecessor technology as the Master Code on Destiny—a numeric sequence based on the 46 chromosomes that Ancients and humans share—it's likely that the ATA gene is based on something naturally occurring within their genetic code. He first appears in season 5's "The Tomb", blaming SG-1 for the death of several Russian SG team members. Bastet is a minor character within Stargate, who appears in multiple episodes as a System Lord, and is periodic mentioned. They are captured and tortured, but Martouf, Selmak and SG-1 can escape when a new Tok'ra weapon destroys Ne'tu. [50] The writers originally wanted to set up an IOA watchdog character on SG-1 and possibly have Richard Woolsey on the base all the time, but season 9 already had so many new characters that the writers did not develop this idea.[50]. Anderson's partner Greenberg gave the job as stunt coordinator and stand-in to Shea in Stargate SG-1. [63] Colonel Chekov is appointed as the Russian envoy to the SGC around season 6's "Redemption" and agrees to give the Russian Stargate to the US in exchange for money, X-302 technology, and a Russian SG team. And he likes to fool with people. With few exceptions the ascended Ancients respect free will and refuse to interfere in the affairs of the material galaxy. Kawalsky is promoted to major and becomes the leader of the newly formed SG-2 team, accompanying SG-1 on their mission to Chulak to rescue Sha're and Skaara. The once-ascended Merlin returned to human form in the most advanced genetic state a human could reach, with the ability to sense the presence of, and activate, a Stargate and generating energy beams created with his mind. "Well, it stands to reason they weren't always called the Ancients." It is the main setting in Stargate SG-1 and occasionally features on Stargate Atlantis. Jacob Carter, played by Carmen Argenziano (seasons 2– 8) – A retired United States Air Force Major General and the widowed father of Samantha Carter and Mark Carter. In "Children of the Gods", set a year after the film, the Goa'uld Apophis attacks Abydos, abducting Sha're and her brother Skaara to serve as hosts for his queen Amonet and son Klorel. After auditioning for the part as Harry Maybourne, the producers revealed that he "maybe" could get a spot as a recurring character in the show. According to Jones, his role was expanded since Richard Dean Anderson wanted him as his personal assistant in the show when his character Jack O'Neill was the leader of the SGC. The Asgard can no longer reproduce and perpetuate themselves by transferring their minds into new clone bodies as necessary. Anubis, played by David Palffy (seasons 5–7, hooded), Dean Aylesworth and Rik Kiviaho (season 8's "Reckoning"), and George Dzundza (season 8 as "Jim") – A half-ascended Goa'uld System Lord who replaces Apophis as the main enemy in season 5. David Palffy was cast to play Sokar before he got the part of Anubis. Shortly after NID Agent Richard Woolsey presents incriminating evidence against Kinsey to President Henry Hayes in the same episode, Hayes "accepts" Kinsey's resignation. Originally, he was simply "Technician" or "Sergeant", listed as such in the show credits. Having made multiple clones of himself, Ba'al begins a campaign to battle the invading Ori for control of the galaxy in "Stronghold" and tries to gain power through various means in "Off the Grid", and season 10's "Insiders" and "The Quest". However, he decides to remain a part of SG-1, and does so until his ascension at the end of season 5. [33] Jones does not have a binding contract with the Stargate producers.[31]. Faced with the choice to either go with the Trust or with what producer Joseph Mallozzi called "The Former Rogue Elements of the N.I.D. The Alliance was always envisioned as a loose coalition of mercenary groups so it made sense that certain factions would have been more capable and threatening than others."[139]. Cliff Simon met with executive producers Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright and auditioned eight months before the character Ba'al was created for the series. His last SG-1 appearance is in season 10's "Dominion". When the Goa'uld Apophis attacks the SGC in the pilot episode of Stargate SG-1, Kawalsky is re-introduced as a captain and reunites with his former teammates to bring Daniel Jackson back to Earth. The alphabet and numeral system used by the Alterans have … When Woolsey brings his report to President Hayes in "Inauguration", he comes to realize Senator Kinsey's ambitions and presents incriminating evidence against him,[56] indirectly forcing Kinsey into resigning. [41], Shea had previous worked with both Richard Dean Anderson (who portrayed Jack O'Neill) and Greenberg before on the American television series MacGyver in the 80s and early 90s as Anderson's stand-in in stunt scenes,[39] he continued this role in Stargate SG-1. Many of the characters are members of alien species discovered while exploring the galaxy through the Stargate, although there are an equal number of characters from offworld human civilizations. She is played by former Farscape actress Claudia Black in a regular role in season 10 after having recurred in seasons 8 and 9 of SG-1. He is played by James Spader in the film and by Michael Shanks in a regular role in seasons 1–5 and 7–10, with a recurring role in season 6. [...] His whole existence is basically predicated on living up to that theme, and that's a theme that's time immemorial. Teal'c states that he is 101 years old in season 4's "The Light", and ages an additional 50 years in season 10's "Unending". [127] According to portraying actor Simon, Ba'al was his most "interesting" he's done because of Ba'al's character development and diversity among others. They also believed that they did not have the right to restrict the freedom of the followers of Origin to believe in the Ori by "brainwashing" the true nature of the Ori into their followers for much the same reasons. Carter later programs the Asgard data core's interface to look and behave like Thor, but admits that it isn't the same as talking to the god that became her friend. The International Oversight Advisory (IOA) is a civilian oversight committee created after the United States and Russia revealed the existence of the Stargate Program to the other permanent members of the UN Security Council in season 6. The resulting energy wave breaks Replicator Carter and all her brethren into their constituent parts. He is played by Christopher Judge in a regular role in seasons 1–10, in both direct-to-DVD films and in season 4 of Stargate Atlantis. He is also an expert in radio and navigational equipment, and in maintaining test and precision measurement equipment. Martouf, played by JR Bourne (seasons 2–4, 9) – A leader in the ranks of the Tok'ra. Trebal 13. Bra'tac becomes a member of the High Council, the governing body of the new Free Jaffa Nation but still stays loyal to Stargate Command. Stargates, also called Astria Porta in Ancient and Chappa'ai in Goa'uld, as well as various other names across the universe, are a series of devices built by the Ancients which create wormholes, allowing for near-instantaneous transportation between two distant points in space. They are the slaves of the alien Ra and are descendants from ancient Egyptians brought through the Stargate to mine the fictional mineral naqahdah. He is promoted to the rank of full-bird Colonel in Stargate: Continuum. In essence, they used to be Ancients, however they split into separate groups due to different views of life. [27] In an interview, Rothery was asked what it was like to play a doctor in Stargate SG-1. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (SG1: "The Fourth Horseman, Part 1", "The Pegasus Project", "The Ark of Truth"). There were also two instances of a large monument with an enthroned figure housing advanced technology, such as the Repository of knowledge and the Dakara superweapon. In the show, Earth's efforts to construct starships of its own using reverse-engineered alien technology begin in the season 4 episode "Tangent", with the less-than-successful X-301. The Nox take the Tollan in while they continue to search for a new home, later revealed to be named Tollana. Towards the end of their evolutionary development, but still before they ascended, they also developed various advanced mental powers including extraordinary sensory abilities, the ability to heal others with a touch, partial Telepathy, and powerful Telekinesis. She is eventually forced to give up Apophis.[25][26]. After defeating Sokar's massive fleet and army in season 3's "The Devil You Know", Apophis becomes the most powerful Goa'uld in the galaxy. Orlin was also outcast when he used his powers to help the people of Velona to construct an Orbital weapon to protect themselves, but then intended to use the weapon against other races. [64] In season 6's "Disclosure", Colonel Chekov supports the US's presentation for the disclosure of the Stargate Program to the other three permanent members of the UN Security Council. [77][78] Oma is responsible for once helping the fallen System Lord Anubis, the main SG-1 antagonist between seasons 5 through 8, ascend. A small colony of Asgard still exist in the Pegasus galaxy that were able to stop cloning's diminishing returns. In season 7's "Death Knell", Jacob helps his daughter devise the Kull Disruptor as an invaluable weapon in fighting the army of Kull Warriors of Anubis's creation. - … One suggestion for this is that, when compared with the Ancient technology in the Milky Way, the ancient structures in Pegasus are relatively new. Every NID character introduced before Agent Barrett "had been very shady, always had an agenda", and Barrett was "the first mainstay in NID who is actually law-abiding[...], honest, [and] a good person".[51]. "Lucian Alliance" redirects here. During a mission to find the Harcesis child (Shifu) on Kheb in season 3's "Maternal Instinct", Bra'tac is presented with the idea of Ascension but in the end decides against this possibility for himself. Their knowledge spread throughout the galaxy, evident by the structures they left behind and their Repository of knowledge. [66] Chekov appears in season 9's "The Fourth Horseman" and "Crusade", where he has become a Russian representative of the IOA. [136] He is introduced in season 1's "Bloodlines" and is one of the most frequently recurring characters on Stargate SG-1. [6] The producers based Jonas's motivation to join SG-1 on his momentary reluctance to actively prevent Daniel's death and his feelings of responsibility afterwards. Ba'al captures Adria in "Dominion" and implants one of his cloned symbiotes within her, massacring most of his other clones with symbiote poison. [60][61] Producer Joseph Mallozzi said that "whenever I do interviews, I often draw parallels between [Amanda Tapping and Robert Picardo]. It is not known if they referred to themselves as Ancients while they were living on Earth several million years ago. Antiker (SGA 2x09) Peter Flemming had a two-line audition for "Wormhole X-Treme" for a "Man in Black" character in a possible recurring role. After the Prior he serves is killed by Mitchell, Tomin finally loses his faith in the Ori and surrenders to SG-1. When the team leave, O'Neill and Maybourne part amicably with Maybourne having finally accepted responsibility towards the people he was ruling. Eventually, due to the actions of Doctor Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran, the Ancient's old enemy the Ori became aware of the existence of human life in the Milky Way Galaxy and began a crusade to convert all humans in the galaxy to Origin in order to gain more power with the intention to confront the Ancients in battle and destroy them. Noted for its massive redundancies and the extensive use of Control crystals, Ancient technology is remarkably similar, in both appearance and function, to that of the Ori, as they both once lived together as one society: the Alterans. They also colonized the Pegasus galaxy and seeded human life there before being driven out by the Wraith. They believed that the universe was to be studied, and that scientific experimentation was essential to gaining understanding. He had ascended to power using an Ancient time-travelers log of his journeys into the future of the planet and ended up facing a Goa'uld invasion, but the soldiers were repelled by Jackson and Teal'c with help from one of the villagers, and O'Neill destroyed in the ship in orbit, killing the System Lord behind the attack. Later, in the eighth season of "Stargate SG-1", the character is addressed as "Sergeant Harriman", with "Harriman" actually based on General George Hammond addressing him as "Airman" what was misheard by fans because of Don S. Davis's Texan accent, resulting in the final name of "Walter Harriman". The composition of SG-1 changes several times during the series run and varies in several alternative universes.[1]. At the end of season 6, Bra'tac and Teal'c are both badly wounded during a Jaffa meeting and lose their symbiotes, surviving only by taking the new drug Tretonin. [83] Late in season 3, SG-1 helps to destroy Thor's ship, the Beliskner, which has been overtaken by the Replicators, in "Nemesis". [29] Robert C. Cooper, producer for Stargate SG-1, called Rothery about the death of her character. Societal information She also commented on her acting life once, "The life of an actor is always very up and down. Orlin 10. unbekannter Antiker 11. Daniel Jackson The Ancients, also known as the Gate Builders or Anquietas in their language, were those Alterans who left their home galaxy for the Milky Way galaxy and seeded it with life. Cox has been noted for saying that the character has become a "Malevolent force on the show". She first appears at the end of "New Order", and becomes a major adversary in the eighth season of the series. In the season 3 two-parter "Jolinar's Memories"/"The Devil You Know", Martouf joins SG-1 on a mission to rescue Jacob Carter, the host of the Tok'ra Selmak, from Ne'tu. The mythology of the Stargate franchise is the historical backstory of the series' premise. As a safeguard, most Ancient technology requires the presence of the Ancient Technology Activation gene to use, but in a large number of instances the gene is only required to activate it. Teal'c /ˈtiːəlk/ is a Jaffa from the planet Chulak. The Ancients' numbers were too few, and they were ultimately forced to hide their ways. The Ancient/Lantean fleet was one of the most advanced fleets known to exist, existing not only in the home galaxy of the Ancients, but also the Milky Way and later Pegasus galaxies. The prior also told Tomin the truth about the child as "the will of the Ori", who would later be the Orici. Their ultimate goal is to completely destroy the Ascended Ancients, who they know as "the Others". The Ori sway lesser-developed planets into worshipping them by promising Ascension through an invented and empty religion called "Origin". [19] They had a child, Carolyn Lam, but Landry became estranged to them and left them due to his involvement in military intelligence. However, the Goa'uld have completely infiltrated the Trust through their operatives working outside of the solar system, and have already implanted a symbiote within Kinsey to aid in their plans of starting a nuclear war between the US and Russia. A split then occurred among the Alterans, dividing them into two factions: the Ancients (who still called themselves the Alterans), who were more secular and science-oriented, and the Ori, who became more religious. [58] Woolsey makes two more appearances in "Flesh and Blood" and "Morpheus" and last appears on SG-1 in season 10's "The Shroud". Ancient Council (mortal)The Others (ascended) Cox was approached by the producers to play Kinsey instead of auditioning himself. Her death is announced in season 8's "Moebius, Part 1"; she leaves her personal collection of documents and artifacts, including the golden medallion of Ra, to Daniel Jackson. Ba'al, played by Cliff Simon (seasons 5–10) – A System Lord based on the Baal of Canaanite religion. However, Daniel frees himself before Woolsey's plans can be enacted. She is later made the commander of the USS George Hammond, a Daedalus-class Earth ship named after former SGC commander General Hammond, who died in correlation with the actor who played him, Don S. Davis. Henry[17] "Hank" Landry is a United States Air Force Major General and the commander of Stargate Command from season 9 onwards. The Asgard are a benevolent race that, according to the mythology of Stargate, gave rise to Norse mythology on Earth and inspired accounts of the Roswell grey aliens. Similarly, Chaya Sar was sentenced to protect only the people of Proculus when she destroyed a Wraith fleet over the planet. He is a fast learner and fills Daniel's empty spot on SG-1 in season 6. [79] Although the Ancients banished her for her actions, Oma remains convinced of her responsibility to guide those beneath to the "Great Path" of enlightenment, even if this interferes in the lower planes of existence. The official mandate of the NID is to provide vital civilian oversight of top secret military operations, but one of their unofficial primary goals is to procure alien technologies. They fit in with SG-1's lighter, more high adventure-driven tone but would have stood out (and not in a good way) in the new series [Stargate Universe]. SG-1 first encounter him as a Viking holographic recording (played by Mark Gibbon) on the planet Cimmeria in "Thor's Hammer". As a doctor, Fraiser looks for peaceful solutions and is disinclined towards armed solutions. It would later be used on multiple occasions including saving the Asgard from destruction by the Replicators. ATA geneHeightened intellectAdvanced mental abilities (mortal)Energy-based lifeform (ascended) [30] From season 8 to 10, Harriman's role is expanded to advisor to the Head of Command of the SGC. The 2007 Constellation Awards", "From Doctor Janet to Kiss Me, Kate: Interview with Teryl Rothery", "An Interview with Stargate's Janet Fraiser, Teryl Rothery", "Jonesy Encoded: An interview with Gary Jones", "Stargate the movie Lt. Kawalsky action figure", "Stunts and Wrenches: An interview with Dan Shea", "Agent Of Honor: An Interview With Peter Flemming", "Hanging with Harry: GateWorld talks to Tom McBeath", "Senator On the Rise: An Interview With Ronny Cox", "September 26, 2008 Robert Picardo Answers Your Questions", "Adverse Ally: An Interview With Garry Chalk", "Oma In Brief: An interview with Mel Harris", "The Hour of Anubis (Part 1 of 3) – GateWorld talks with David Palffy", "The Hour of Anubis (Part 2 of 3) – GateWorld talks with David Palffy", "The Hour of Anubis (Part 3 of 3) – GateWorld talks with David Palffy", "System Lord Summit: An Interview with Cliff Simon", "Nirrty On The Couch – GateWorld talks with Jacqueline Samuda", "Under The Armor: An Interview With Michael Adamthwaite", "December 25, 2010: Christmas! As attempts to save the Asgard civilization from their genetic difficulties have failed, he informs Lt. Col. Carter that the Asgard consider people of Earth the fifth race, heirs first to the Ancients and now the Asgard, and that it is their turn to safeguard the future. During the shows history, Chalk "Begged" the producers for his character to go through the "Stargate", but they said no, but, eventually they came up with the idea of giving him his own starship. Woolsey returns in the season 9 episode "Prototype" and encourages the SGC to take great risks with the captured Goa'uld-human-Ancient hybrid Khalek to learn more about the Ascension process. Fifth has escaped the time dilation field in the season 8 episode "New Order", and en route to the new Asgard homeworld of Orilla, he captures Samantha Carter and tortures her in revenge. Maybourne tricks SG-1 into taking him off-world in season 6's "Paradise Lost", and is eventually exiled to a far-off planet. The first time he ever says his own name is in the Stargate Atlantis episode "Home". However their legacy is felt profoundly throughout the Stargate universe, from their technologies such as Stargates and Atlantis to the Ancient Technology Activation gene that they introduced into the human genome through interbreeding. In season 6's "Full Circle", the Goa'uld Anubis destroys Abydos, but Oma Desala helps its entire population Ascend. He is promoted to major general at the beginning of season 9, and is reassigned to Washington, D.C., then makes sporadic appearances in the final episodes of season one of Stargate Universe. She joins SG-1 after giving birth to the new leader of the Ori at the beginning of season 10, and appears in both direct-to-DVD films. Simon felt that he needed to diversify the character to make it more exciting, as he put it, "if you’re always bad, it gets pretty boring." (SG1: "The Torment of Tantalus", "The Fifth Race", "Window of Opportunity", "Frozen", "Full Circle", "Lost City, Part 2", "Avalon, Part 1", "The Powers That Be") (SGA: "Rising"). They are best known as the builders of the Stargates, Atlantis, and Destiny. Hammond briefly retires under duress in season 4's "Chain Reaction", where he spends time with his two grandchildren, Kayla and Tessa. Ancient technology is also the most resilient ever seen, remaining intact for millions of years without even minor signs of deterioration or decrease in performance. Darren Sumner called Kawalsky "one of the [1994] film's strongest characters". Colonel Frank Simmons, (played by John de Lancie, seasons 5–6) – The NID liaison to Stargate Command after Col. Harry Maybourne's arrest for treason. This dynamic is played out somewhat comically, but Bra'tac slowly learns to trust and respect humans. When they get nursed back at the SGC, Bra'tac tells Teal'c that he is like a son to him. A split then occurred among the Alterans… Their main adversary in Stargate SG-1 are the mechanical Replicators, against which they enlist the aid of SG-1 on several occasions. [8][9] Nemec was open to continue playing Jonas Quinn after season 6, but a new contract was reached with Michael Shanks for Daniel to return in season 7. Woolsey remembers the Khalek incident and decides that Daniel, who transformed into a Prior, is too dangerous and must be placed indefinitely into stasis. (December 2009) This article may fail to make a clear distinction between fact and fiction. As for the Ancient architecture created after the return to the Milky Way, most of the Ancients had ascended by then and the ones that were left wanted to fit in with human culture of the time (for example, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table). The Stargates had their symbols engraved on them, and spin when dialing. [20] Carolyn Lam grew up to be a doctor and was assigned to Stargate Command as chief medical officer in seasons 9 and 10. In season 2 of Stargate Atlantis, the Daedalus-class battlecruiser is introduced, incorporating advancements that were tested on the Prometheus. Lantean name generator - Stargate . Over the tens of millions of years of their existence, the Ancients gradually evolved to become much more advanced than baseline humans, and the neurological makeup of the Ancients was much more complex than that of the average human. Because the Ori have worshippers across the entire home galaxy of the Ancients, and using their knowledge to spread, they are nearly unstoppable. As such, the Ori never help anyone else Ascend because then they would have to share the power that they sap from their worshippers. Tomin helps Daniel decipher his visions of the Ark of Truth and accompanies SG-1 back to the Ori galaxy where Tomin is instrumental in finding the Ark and ending the Ori threat for good. Jacob Carter is introduced in season 2's "Secrets" as a USAF general dying of cancer, and after becoming a willing host of a Tok'ra named Selmak who would cure his illness ("The Tok'ra") he frequently recurs as the Tok'ra liaison to Earth. In the card game he is listed as a good soldier. Eventually, the Ori became so extreme in their beliefs that they tried to wipe out the Ancients. After beginning this process, the Ancients initially planned to wait until the ship reached a sufficient distance from Earth to board it. The Ancients were unable to restart their empire, so many Ancients bred with the native humans to set a path for the future and create future civilizations, while others went on and ascended. Ancients or The Ancients, also known as Ancestors/The Ancestors, Lanteans, and Gate Builders, or Anquietas in their language, were those Alterans who left their home galaxy for the Milky Way and seeded it with life. Colonel Harry Maybourne, (played by Tom McBeath, seasons 1–6, 8) – A USAF Colonel introduced in season 1's "Enigma" as an NID member with ambiguous morals and loyalties. Captain der Aurora 12. That universe's Martouf had joined the SGC to be closer to Carter, but their relationship did not last. He warns General Landry in that show's season 2 episode "Critical Mass" of the Trust's plan to destroy Atlantis with a bomb, and aids several Expedition team members to track down Rodney McKay's sister Jeannie Miller on Earth in season 4's "Miller's Crossing". After collaborating with SG-1 in season 7's "Heroes, Part 2" and "Resurrection", Barrett expresses a personal romantic interest in Samantha Carter in season 9's "Ex Deus Machina" and season 10's "Uninvited", but she rejects his advances. Tomin married Vala and accepted her pregnancy as his child, not knowing that it was an immaculate conception set by the Ori. Form of government Bra'tac was also the one who initially influenced Teal'c to doubt the Goa'uld as well. Producer Joseph Mallozzi explained in retrospect, "Much of the Lucian Alliance we saw in SG-1 was inept and, dare I say it, a bit goofy. In her first appearance in "The Broca Divide", Dr. Fraiser holds the rank of captain, and is promoted to major in Season 3. This is a list of the Ancient characters that have appeared in Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis

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