Ratings Children Age 3-7. The seating is a circular design with a bat-wing design to go along with the mystery theme and it takes a 180 degree turn up a slope to an elevator. Date Posted: 03/09/2020 Closed attractions: River Quest | Wakobato | Wözl's Wassertreter | Octowuzy. Children Age 8-12. Only for a short time at a special price from 24 €. Phantasialand is also home to "Mystery Castle", an indoor Intamin Ride Trade Bungee Drop featuring a walk through a haunted castle. Should your Phantasialand visit not be possible due to corona, we guarantee a problem free rebooking. Coordinates (OSM) 50.7997, 6.88382. Adults. Delights. Wounds Beyond Flesh: Fine Wither Blade is droping from Mawsworn Soulrender: 20. It replaced the attractions destroyed by the fire one year before. Get your ticket *Temporary closures may occur due to weather conditions. F.L.Y. Date Taken: 08/18/2019 . This is why Phantasialand decided to build this ride vertically instead of horizontally, hence the elevator at the beginning (yes, you read … Elderly. Phantasialand, Bruhl Picture: River Quest - Check out Tripadvisor members' 3,804 candid photos and videos. View historical average queue length by day, and view ride availability. River Quest is a river rapids ride in German theme park Phantasialand.The ride was built in 2002 by Hafema and notably has two lifts near the start of the ride to take the boats to their highest point. Rookburgh. Queue times, information and statistics for River Quest. This record was taken in 2018 by Infinity Falls at SeaWorld Orlando. By and Down the River: Go to River of Souls 29.5 36 ( is on bridge ) then will be a movie after move to 29.7 42.5 will be one more movie 18. Young Adults. River Quest is a river rapid ride located in Phantasialand, Germany and is part of the Mystery section of the theme park so the ride is similar to a castle. Next to the castle is "River Quest", a rapid river ride which features a lift, built by Hafema in 2002. A Good Axe: Find a suitable weapon for Thrall in Mawsworn Armaments you can do this quest together with Wounds Beyond Flesh. River Quest - Phantasialand . Theme park. River Quest Phantasialand Ride stats Current Queue Time Cerrado. Unlike other rapid rides – which often have huge space to roam around – River Quest is located within a small space. 19. The ride previously held the record for the largest drop on a rafting ride.

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