But in the future people like me will reign over you. I'm reducing me to the minimum, even the doctors look stupid. Because I knew to much, they bring me to the prison. Bill Gates is only a clone of Pablo Escobar. Underground is medicine, Rap antidepressants, against HipHopHIV, also known as VIVA. The music I hear now makes me to a Mic-Soldat and because of this the KO-time is there for you. Full song preview This production is musically considered acoustic. They give drugs in the air and drugs in my food and drugs in every single plate that they press. In Prison I became a raproboter. Because of bombs, I built, they call me a assassin. I'd do it myself. Lyrics powered by www.musixmatch.com. Now I'm sitting at the prison and everyday they ask me questions. The lyrics of Keine Liebe 2019 aren't explicit. To be a pro, I have to became contras. At the hunting at vitamins there were only Rapbazilles. Against CIA and Contras and of course westberlin. So I cut the lines at the wall. Log dich ein um diese Funktion zu nutzen. ... @osiris71, Thank you for your valueable comment! The divse is: hands from the microfon or head lost! Kill Majorlabel-MCs and particularly Dida Dodder. Because I knew to much, they bring me to the prison. Atılmış = Thrown Ich reduzier mich auf das Minimum, selbst die Ärzte schauten dumm, Prinz Pi, Bosse & Capital Bra setzen in ihrem Song "Messer" ein Zeichen gegen Mobbing, Prinz Pi veröffentlicht das Musik-Video zu seiner Single "Letzte Liebe", "Nichts war umsonst": Prinz Pi singt die neue Handball-Hymne, "Hellrot": Prinz Pi legt gemeinsam mit Bosse noch einen weiteren Song aus seinem neuen Album nach, "Für immer und immer": das ist die neue Single von Prinz Pi, Log dich ein oder registriere dich kostenlos, Ina Müller - Ich halt die Luft an Songtext, Purple Disco Machine & Sophie and the Giants - Hypnotized Songtext, Jason Derulo & Nuka - Love Not War (The Tampa Beat) Songtext. The sun is fatal and guilt is the system. My bible has six words: I am thight, you're whack! Mafiosi major labels, military and syndicates. All hippies and losers comes to the HipHop laborcamp. All that what is right, why I sit here? Prinz Pi lyrics with translations: 1,40 m, Letzte Liebe, Kompass ohne Norden, Laura, Werte, … Before they picked me up, I knew that they will come. But the fire inside me burns everyday brighter. The Vatican launches a war to cocaine. But the fire inside me burns everyday brighter. The acapella for Keine Liebe 2019 is in the key of B♭ Major, has a tempo of 210 bpm, and is 2 minutes and 26 seconds long. The Patient know and Despite the Hypnose he's still silent. The world is controlled by Rosicrucians and triads. I am with my body so burner, that the other MCs are burn. Adolf Hitlers Ufos are controlling the USA. And so daily I tell myself that I don't lost my belief. MCs masturbate to their plates and publicate it as cassettes, it's whack-rap-satire. Translation of 'Keine Liebe' by Prinz Pi from German to English. Humanoids are looking for Gods and MCs found rap. Only this, what isn't bad, would be a partial of my raplegacy. Because of this I remind them and train my brain. Terrorist, counterrotating, traitor. I am anti against all, distrust myself too. Who wants Lovesongs and who wants thight Raps, I want to go out of this prison, I want my microfon, my money and sex. Then I start to rap till the supervisor shout, he can beat me as long as he wants, I told him still that I'm tight. Every Day children die, new wars are there, I see hate and destruction, berlinwest, no love, zensur and rtl, RTL made ​​me a psychopath. It's Rap-solitary confinement in a prison without music. And as they expose this, they broke my hand. Thanks Till now every second guy has shit in their brain. Keine Liebe Songtext von Prinz Pi mit Lyrics, deutscher Übersetzung, Musik-Videos und Liedtexten kostenlos auf Songtexte.com I only want you to die, no matter who it do. Writer(s): Friedrich Kautz, Phillip(rasta Mix) Mueller They said I'm not normal because I run on the street and ram my **** in their mouth, but I dont know them and houses explode, as my crewmembers with MC's experiments. Underground means to be dead or war like Intifada, they try since 10 years to reduce the air for money. And I beat a buckle in the cell for the beat. Yeah. These vocals were recorded by Prinz Pi, and released 8 months ago on Friday 14th of February 2020. See, Jason ride at Pussi-Pocahontas, wonderbras and silicon should be duty for brains. Keine Liebe Lyrics: „Die Industrie hat mir diesen Computer in den Kopf gebaut und seitdem sehe ich manchmal verschwommen, wenn ich etwas nicht sehen soll, was ich aber dann doch sehe aber wenn ich

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