Today, it is co… [4] Around 1220, Francis of Assisi travelled through northern Italy. Although privately owned by the Cavazza family, Isola del Garda has been open to visitors since 2001. Although it is not certain whether he actually visited the island, the Franciscans did establish a simple hermitage among the caves and rocks of the island at that time, after it was bestowed on them by Biemino. Whilst the park was designed from the beginning as an English-style garden, the area in front of the house was laid out as a more formal Italian garden. [9][10] The family also owns properties on the nearby peninsula where they run businesses that include boat rental, olive growing,[12] a camping site, an agriturismo[13] and a riding school.[14]. Already inhabited in the Roman Age, St. Francis of Assisi came here around 1220 according to some documents. The tour includes two rooms inside the elegant neo-gothic Venetian style villa from the early 1900’s, currently still … Its government sold the island to private owners in 1800. In 1795, the government of the Republic of Venice decided to suppress the monastery. Since 2002 the island has been open to visitors on guided tours. In 1893, the Duke died, but the couple had previously decided to build a new villa on the site of the old Lechi villa. It is part of the comune of San Felice del Benaco, in the Province of Brescia, Lombardy, Italy. In 1837, Luigi Lechi passed the property on to his brother Teodoro (1778-1866), a former general in the Napoleonic army, who—among other changes—added the terraces at the front of the villa. E' vietato l'utilizzo del logo e dell'immagine della stessa senza autorizzazione da parte di Fornella S.R.L. Lechi was also a poet and among his guests were composers Gioachino Rossini and Gaetano Donizetti, the writers Ippolito Pindemonte and Cesare Arici [it] as well as painter Luigi Basiletti and architect Rodolfo Vantini. Today it owes its fascination to the extraordinary Venetian neo-Gothic style villa, designed by the architect Luigi Rovelli at the beginning of the 20th century; an imposing harmonious building, rich in surprising architectonic details. È distante ca. Isola del Garda è marchio registrato. [3], After the Archduchess died, her daughter Anna Maria (1874–1924), wife of Prince Scipione Borghese from Rome, inherited the island but she survived her mother by only a few months. Chi sceglie di vedere l'Isola non visita solo una dimora storica, ma viene accolto da una calda atmosfera famigliare che lo porta a essere più un ospite che un visitatore. L’ Isola fu abitata già al tempo dei Romani. Isola del Garda or Isola di Garda or Isola Borghese is the biggest island on Lake Garda. She lives on the island with her family (her seven children—four brothers and three sisters—and their families). segnar poria, s'e' fesse quel cammino [9][10] They had seven children before Camillo Cavazza died in 1981. The island has a long and varied history, having been used as a Roman burial ground, pirate lair, a site for a Franciscan monastery, border fortification and as a residential villa. The island has a long and varied history, having been used as a Roman burial ground, pirate lair, a site for a Franciscan monastery, border fortification and as a residential villa. The island has been known in turn as Insula Cranie ("Isle of Skulls"), Isola dei Frati ("Isle of Monks"), Isola Scotti, Isola Lechi, Isola de Ferrari and Isola Borghese. [4] However, after Licheto's death the religious community there went into decline. [3][8] Their youngest son, Count Camillo Cavazza dei Conti Cavazza married Lady Charlotte Sarah Alexandra Chetwynd-Talbot (born 1938), the eldest daughter of the Earl of Shrewsbury in 1965. [4] According to local legend, in 1304, Dante Alighieri came to the island and later referred to it in his Divine Comedy as:[5], Loco è nel mezzo là dove 'l trentino It is part of the comune of San Felice del Benaco, in the Province of Brescia, Lombardy, Italy. [3] Remains of votive temples have also been discovered. All the soil for the gardens was brought in over time by the inhabitants. [4] The latter designed the island's small port with its tower. [3] Apparently, they did not hold on to the property because in 1180 it was mentioned again when Emperor Frederick I granted it as a fief to one Biemino of Manerba. 弊社サイトの現バージョンは、日本の日本語の利用者を対象としています。 別の国や地域にお住まいの場合は、ドロップダウンメニューから、国または地域別のサイトを選択してください。 詳細, 機械翻訳で日本語を表示できます(内容の参考程度にご利用ください)。 翻訳を表示しますか?, ホテル(Hotel Continental)に直接ツアーを予約し、ホテルのプライベート桟橋からボートに乗りました。船旅は約45分でした。 私たちは英語を話すガイドに会いました。彼は私たちを公園と庭園に覆われ、ベネチアのネオゴシックの「ヴィラボルゲーゼカヴァッツァ」が支配する島の魅力的なツアーに連れて行ってくれました。 この家はかつてフェラーリ公爵家の家でしたが、今では島全体を愛情を込めて変えたボルゲーゼ・カヴァッツァ家の慎重な所有下にあります。 ツアーは、湖を見下ろすテラスでドリンクとニブルで締めくくります。 とても楽しい午後! !, ガルダ島はボルゲーゼ・カヴァッツァ家の家族の家であり、一世紀以上にわたって家族がそれを変えてきました。私たちは現在の所有者の一人に連れて行かれ、彼女がこの素敵な島の歴史と建築に与えた洞察は素晴らしいものでした。強くお勧めします, Isola del Gardaでオンラインで直接予約しました-ウェブサイトとチケットの印刷はとても簡単です! ボートは時間通りで、横断には約30分かかりました。写真撮影の機会を得るためにヴィラの前で直接停止し、次に庭などにアクセスするために桟橋に移動しました。, ツアーガイド、ボルゲーゼ・カヴァッツァ家のgreat孫に出会った。家と庭は愛情を込めて世話されており、私たちが彼らの遺産について話されていたとき、これは非常によくわかります!ツアーは、ドリンク、ニブル、オリーブオイルの試飲とともに2時間続きます!私たちはこの経験を大いに楽しんだので、この旅行を強くお勧めします!, 島と大邸宅はとても美しい。楽しめ。 島へのボートは湖の多くの町から利用できます。イソラデルガルダでのボートツアーを予約できます。 com。そこにもいくつかの歴史を読んでください。 知っておくべきこと:  1あなたがより良い座りを選択できるように、桟橋で早くなるようにしてください  2。バグスプレーと日焼け止めと水を忘れないでください。島にはかなりの量の蚊がいます。  3。全体の旅行は約2です。ドアツードアで5〜3時間, この場所は私たちが庭と家の両方を見たツアーに参加した価値があります!その後、オリーブオイルの試飲と地元のワインを楽しみました。, Chiesa Parrocchiale dei Santi Felice周辺ホテル, Il Castello Scaligero di Torri del Benaco, Santuario della Madonna del Carmine: チケット・ツアー, Chiesa Parrocchiale dei Santi Felice: チケット・ツアー, Castello-ricetto di San Felice del Benaco: チケット・ツアー, Chiesa Di San Giovanni Battista Decollato: チケット・ツアー. Today, it is covered by a park and is dominated by the Venetian neogothic Villa Borghese Cavazza. 200 mt dal promontorio di Capo San Fermo, è lunga all’incirca un chilometro ed è larga in media 600 mt. Isola del Gardaはサン・フェリーチェ・デル・ベナーコで1位(16件中)の観光名所です。 サン・フェリーチェ・デル・ベナーコ 旅行ガイド サン・フェリーチェ・デル・ベナーコ ホテル [4] In 1470, Father Francesco Licheto (1450–1520), a member of the noble Lechi family from Brescia, founded a school of theology and philosophy on the island. pastore e quel di Brescia e 'l veronese Isola del Garda is the largest island on Lake Garda. From 1685 to 1697 it was a convent for novices. The Island is situated on the Brescian side of Lake Garda, a short distance from San Felice del Benaco. The island has been visited by numerous famous people over the centuries, reportedly including Francis of Assisi, Anthony of Padua and Dante Alighieri. Coordinates: 45°35′37″N 10°35′14″E / 45.593641°N 10.587094°E / 45.593641; 10.587094, CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown (, "Isola del Garda: un'oasi a colori (Italian)", "Isola del Garda per la prima volta apre ai turisti (Italian)",, CS1 maint: BOT: original-url status unknown, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 November 2020, at 16:37. Reportedly, after having been abandoned during the period of decline of the Roman Empire, the island served for a long time as a hideout for pirates who preyed on the shipping on Lake Garda. [3], In 1860, the island was expropriated by the newly unified Italian state and turned into a border fortification against the Austrians, who at the time still held the region of Venetia including the eastern shore of Lake Garda. In 1870, the island was sold at auction and purchased by Baron Scotti. It is now mostly covered by a park and formal gardens with a large variety of plants. In 1517, a religious commentary he wrote was printed for him by Paganino Paganini on the island, and became the first printed book to be published in the whole region around Lake Garda. He ordered major construction and renovation works and the monastery was turned into a villa. [5][15] It can also be rented for special events. It is by far the largest island on the lake. The island of Garda, also known as the Borghese island or the island of the Friars, is the largest island of the homonymous lake. La famiglia Cavazza risiede e lavora da sempre sul lago di Garda This Venetian Gothic palace was constructed in 1890 to 1903, based on a design of architect Luigi Rovelli [it]. 130 Gallo-Roman tombstones found on the island indicate that it was at least used as a burial area at the time. Isola del Garda or Isola di Garda or Isola Borghese is the biggest island on Lake Garda. Between 1880 and 1900 they had the park constructed, built containment walls to keep out the water and imported fertile earth and exotic plants. Isola del Garda is located in the southwest of Lake Garda, just south of the Gulf of Salò, close to the town of San Felice del Benaco, in Brescia province. It is separated from Capo San Fermo by only about 220 meters of open water. He in turn sold it to Duke Gaetano de Ferrari (1818–1893) from Genoa. [1][2] It has likely been inhabited since the Roman period. Tebaide Web Agency × Um Informationen, fuellen Sie bitte das folgende Formular . Just over 200 meters from Capo San Fermo, a promontory that divides the Gulf of Salò from the Emerald bay, is about one kilometer long and is … [1] Although some construction work was done, the idea to turn the island into a fortress was abandoned after the Austrians ceded most of their holdings in northern Italy to the Kingdom of Italy after the Third Italian War of Independence in 1866. Its last head, Bonaventura di Casalloro, was forced to close the monastery and leave the island with the remaining monks. The island (or actually islands, since Isola del Garda includes some small outcroppings of rock and most of the park is divided from the house by a narrow channel) was initially just rocks jutting out from the lake. After that, only the northern end of Lake Garda around Riva del Garda remained Austrian. [6] De Ferrari and his wife, the Russian aristocrat Maria Sergeyevna Annenkova (1837–1924),[7], moved to the island. [10][11], Today the island is owned by Lady Charlotte Cavazza. The island is around 1.1 km (0.7 mi) long, but only around 70 metres (230 feet) wide at the widest point. L’isola del Garda è situata sulla sponda bresciana del lago di Garda nel comune di San Felice del Benaco. In 1224, the Bishop of Trent visited the hermitage and three years later so did reportedly Anthony of Padua in 1227. [4] It was rebuilt and expanded in 1438, the added church was named Santa Maria dello Scoglio. The property was then requisitioned by a decree of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1798, after the establishment of the Cisalpine Republic. [3][4] Giano Fregoso, Doge of Genua, and his son Alessandro used the island as a retreat. The island has been visited by numerous famous people over the centuries, reportedly including Francis of Assisi, Anthony of Padua and Dante Alighieri. The island is first mentioned in written documents in a decree by Duke Carloman of Bavaria, dated 879, which granted the island to the monks of San Zeno of Verona. In 1422, Bernardino of Siena was on the island for the first of several visits and in that period a Franciscan convent was constructed. After passing through several hands, it was bought in 1817 by Count Luigi Lechi from Brescia. In 1927, the prince died, leaving the island to his daughter, Princess Livia Borghese (1901–1969), who was married to Count Alessandro Cavazza from Bologna (1895–1969). the beautiful Italian and English gardens, you will discover the rich history of this spectacular place that has housed many illustrious names from the Roman age to the present day. (Inferno, Canto XX). Lechi's lover, the singer Adelaide Malanotte, was also a regular guest.

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