(uncredited), Air Force One Senior White House Staff (uncredited), Vice Presidents cousin (archive footage) (uncredited), Mandarin Videographer Tony believes the attack on the Chinese Theater and an attack on a small town in Tennessee are related. DVD Covers. When his home is demolished and his suits are destroyed, Stark begins a personal journey to finding out the truth about the bombings and tracking down whoever is truly responsible. | (uncredited), Neptunes Patron / Synopsis (uncredited), Pageant Guest / (uncredited), Stark Security Guard (uncredited), Christmas Tree Saleswoman (uncredited), Executed Pakistani Villager Die Comicverfilmung ist die Fortsetzung der Filme Iron Man und Iron Man 2, seine Handlung baut jedoch auf dem Film Marvels The Avengers auf. Tony has only started to appreciate the gravity of his problems when an enigmatic terrorist named the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) hijacks the airwaves and threatens to bring America to its knees with a painful series of "lessons" that even President Ellis (William Sadler) won't be able to ignore. (uncredited), Vice President's Young Son (as Mark Wagner), New Years Convention Technician (uncredited), Vice President Family Member (as Billy Morts), Extremis Soldier Saloon Patron Iron Man 3 - Blu-ray - SteelBook - Concorde Video | 2013 | 129 min | Rated FSK-12 | Oct 04, 2013 - Director: Shane Black Writers: Shane Black, Drew Pearce, Warren Ellis, Stan Lee, Don Heck, Larry Lieber Starring: Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Jon Favreau. As he puts the pieces together and tries to get the MK42 working, he discovers far more sinister forces at work greater than the Mandarin himself. | (uncredited), East Coast Technical Director (uncredited), Mandarin Tech Guard Official Sites It is the sequel to Iron Man (2008) and Iron Man 2 (2010), and the seventh film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, (based on the "Extremis" mini-series written by) and, (based on the "Extremis" mini-series illustrated by), Rose Hill Deputy / (uncredited), New Years Eve Reveler When Tony's bodyguard and friend Happy Hogan is seriously wounded in an explosion, Tony Stark challenges Mandarin and gives his address to him. As he fights his way back, Stark discovers the answer to the question that has secretly haunted him: does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man? (uncredited), White House Photographer | (as Sarah Burkharat), Satellite Technician Little does Stark know however is that someone else from his past has his own plans against him and proves to be even more powerful than Stark realizes. Iron Man Three (2013) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. (uncredited), Pagent Guest / Berson), visual effects production accountant: Digital Domain, digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Kat Black), cg supervisor: Method Studios (as Doug Bloom), assistant stereo editor: Stereo D (as Michael G. Buck), digital environment artist: Digital Domain, digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Astrid Busser Casas), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Julian Butler), rotoscope and paint lead: Digital Domain (as Howard P. Cabalfin), cg supervisor: Weta Digital / digital effects supervisor: Weta Digital, digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as David Caeiro Cebrian), visual effects crew: Scanline VFX (as Francis Camacho), visual effects associate producer: Digital Domain, depth artist: Stereo D (as Tasha Lyn Carlson), depth artist: Stereo D (as Monica Castro), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Mathieu Chardonnet), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Joe W. 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Elliott), visual effects producer (as Robert Evans), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Steve Evans), senior depth artist: Stereo D (as Robin Ferber), effects animator: Framestore (as Daniel Fernandez), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Darren Fisher), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Matthew Thomas Fogarty), animation lead: Digital Domain (as Cameron David Folds), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Benjaman Folkman), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Christopher Foreman), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Michaël Forot), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Roderick Fransham), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Guillaume Francois), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Nicholas Fredin III), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Nikolay Gabchenko), vice president of international production service: Stereo D, lighting and rendering: Trixter (as Javier Garcia), visual effects coordinator: Method Studios, visual effects coordinator: Method Studios (as Lauren Guerard), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Christopher George), visual effects manager: Stereo D (as Charles Giarratano), production assistant: Stereo D (as Matt Gill), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Kenneth C. Gimpelson), lead digital production administrator: Digital Domain, digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Thomas Jacob Goldblatt), visual effects executive producer: Method Studios, compositor: The Embassy Visual Effects (as Marc-André Gray), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Nicholas Michael Grobler), rendering pipeline technical director: Trixter, character animator: Digital Domain (as Tom Gurney), lead compositing technical director: Trixter, digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Geoffrey Hadfield), visual effects production manager: Scanline VFX, software development and pipeline: Stereo D (as Nicholas Haines), head of business relations: Luma Pictures, technical support staff: Stereo D (as William Hamilton), visual effects crew: Scanline VFX (as Anthony Han), depth artist: Stereo D (as Elissa Cordero), compositing lead: Digital Domain (as Michael Harbour), outsource and stereoscopic supervisor: Digital Domain, digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Toby M. Haruno), computer graphics supervisor (as Dave Henri), business relations associate: Luma Pictures (as Marla Neto), visual effects production manager: Fuel VFX (as Sarah Hiddlestone), roto supervisor: Stereo D (as Bryan Higgins), cg lighting: Framestore (as Andre Hitsoy), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Gray O. Horsfield), visual effects crew: Scanline VFX (as Josiah Howison), visual effects supervisor: Cantina Creative, digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Alwyn A. He also starts having constant nightmares and doesn't know why. Iron Man 3 ist ein US-amerikanischer Action- und Science-Fiction-Spielfilm aus dem Jahr 2013, der auf der Superhelden-Comicfigur Iron Man des Verlages Marvel basiert. (uncredited), Secret Service Agent (as Funan Chien), Extremis Soldier Company Credits (as Aurelia Rose), Iron Patriot Fan #1 Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr.) wrestles with inner demons while contending with monsters of his own creation in this sequel from writer\director Shane Black. (as Regis A. Harrington), stunt double: Mandarin (as Anthony Means Jefferson), skydiving team: "Barrel of Monkeys" / stunts, stunts (uncredited) / utility stunts (uncredited), stunt rigger (uncredited) / utility stunts (uncredited), stunt performer (uncredited) / stunts (uncredited), assistant fight choreographer (uncredited), set lighting console programmer: second unit, aerial director of photography: Barrel of Monkeys, second unit, b camera operator: second unit (as Dave Drzewiecki), best boy rigging grip (as Steve Frohardt), rigging electric gang boss (as Steven Hastings), rigging grip gang boss (as Chris Herbert), assistant digital imaging technician: China, director of photography: Mandarin video sequences, set lighting technician: Miami (as Alan Malatesta), rigging grip gang boss (as Ronald Miller), rigging electric: Miami (as John E. Mulier), aerial director of photography: docks, second unit (as David Nowell), aerial director of photography: skydiving, second unit, a camera operator: second unit (as Patrick O'Brien), rigging electric: Miami (as Jorge A. Parra), rigging electric: Miami (as Peter E. Perez), rigging electric: Miami / set lighting technician: Miami, best boy rigging electric: Miami (as Jack H. Rose II), computer/video engineer (as Mark I. Scott), rigging electric: Miami (as Jimmy Seckel), best boy rigging grip (as Steven Skinner), set lighting technician: Miami (as David Sonnenberg), rigging electric: Miami (as Scotty Stuart), set lighting console programmer (as Joshua Thatcher) / set lighting console programmer: second unit (as Joshua Thatcher), set lighting technician: Miami (as Jeffrey S. 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Maldonado), security team: Marvel Studios (as Lee Malin), executive producer: Mandarin video sequences, Logan (as Matthew Marquis), production finance executive: Marvel Studios, technical operations executive: Marvel Studios, production assistant: Miami (as Gabrielle McIntyre), production assistant: Miami (as Mike Nassau), executive in charge of international film: DMG Entertainment, executive in charge of marketing: Marvel Studios (as Michael Pasciullo), creative research manager: Marvel Studios, production assistant: Miami (as Brian Potter), executive in charge of legal affairs: Marvel Studios, technical operations manager: Marvel Studios, executive in charge of business affairs: Marvel Studios, executive in charge of promotions: Marvel Studios, technical services coordinator: Marvel Studios, executive in charge of legal affairs: DMG Entertainment, craft service assistant: Miami (as Josh Shomo), executive in charge of public relations: DMG Entertainment, payroll accountant (as Kelly Brett Stultz), assistant payroll accountant (as L.J. After saving New York from an alien invasion, billionaire Tony Stark buries himself deeper into his work by building a ton of new and improved Iron Man suits. Fortunately, Tony isn't on his own, and with the help of Col. James Rhodes (Don Cheadle) and a young boy named Harley (Ty Simpkins), he pieces together the mystery of the Mandarin, whose final "lesson" promises to be the most painful of all.. Taglines (uncredited), Drunk Conventioneer When Stark finds his personal world destroyed at his enemy's hands, he embarks on a harrowing quest to find those responsible. (uncredited), hair stylist: Gwyneth Paltrow (as Karen Myers), makeup artist: Gwyneth Paltrow (as Kate Bisco), key makeup artist: second unit (as Lindsay Desarno), hair department head: second unit (as Mary Mastro), makeup artist: Miami (as Susie M. Pfister), assistant makeup department head (as Nicole Sortillon), additional makeup artist: Los Angeles, second unit (uncredited), graphic designer specialty tattoos: Tinsley Studio (uncredited), special makeup effects artist (uncredited), post production executive: Marvel Studios, unit production manager: China (as Aaron Shershaw), head of production: Mandarin video sequences, Logan, production supervisor: second unit (uncredited), production manager (IMAX version) (uncredited), second second assistant director: second unit, second assistant director (as Brian F. Relyea), additional second assistant director: second unit (uncredited), assistant director: second unit (uncredited), assistant director: additional photography (uncredited), art department: Mandarin video sequences, Logan (as Melissa Broker), construction utility gang boss (as Donnell Crumpler), art director: Mandarin video sequences, Logan, production designer: Mandarin video sequences, Logan, construction foreman: North Carolina General Foreman (as Tom Jones), standby painter: second unit (as Patrick 'Mic' Lewis), property assistant: second unit (as Kyle Lewis), assistant property master: China (as Kim Hock Ng), construction coordinator (as John Samson), assistant set decorator (as Lisa Sessions Morgan), leadman: North Carolina (as Polar Bear Shaw), set decoration dresser: Miami (as Joseph Smith), sculptor gang boss (as Cuitlahauc Morales), set dressing warehouse manager (as Eric West), set decoration gang boss: Miami (as Jim Williams), paint foreman (uncredited) / scenic artist (uncredited), additional prop production assistant (uncredited), scenic artist (uncredited) / set painter (uncredited), construction utility technician (uncredited), set dresser: Los Angeles reshoots (uncredited), production sound mixer (as Jose Antonio Garcia), sound stage engineer (as Gary Simpson) / stage engineer (as Gary Simpson), editorial engineer (as David M. Young) / sound editorial engineer (as David M. Young), sound designer: trailer music (uncredited), Additional Re-Recording Mix Technician (uncredited) / additional sound re-recording sound mix technician (uncredited), sound mixer: audio description (uncredited), datasat sound mastering engineer (uncredited), Re-Recording Engineer: Feature Trailer (uncredited), special effects technician (as Francis Ayre), special effects technician: second unit (as Joel Blanchard), mechanical department: Legacy Effects (as Peter Clarke), model department: Legacy Effects (as Kenneth Cornett), mold department: Legacy Effects (as Jeff Deist), special effects technician (as Michael Derry), special effects technician (as Mickey Duff), special effects foreman (as Steven Ficke), mold department supervisor: Legacy Effects, mechanical department supervisor: Legacy Effects, mold department: Legacy Effects (as Allan Holt), digital sculpting department: Legacy Effects, mechanical department: Legacy Effects (as James Kundig), suit construction supervisor: Legacy Effects, suit construction supervisor: Legacy Effects (as Shane P. Mahan), mold department: Legacy Effects (as Clay Martinez), special effects technician (as Matthew McDonnell), special effects technician (as Bill McGinley), fabrication department: Legacy Effects (as Bruce Mitchell), administration staff: Legacy Effects (as Lyn-Del Pedersen), special effects technician (as Thomas Pelton), mold department: Legacy Effects (as Rob Ramos), physical suit effects co-supervisor: Legacy Effects, digital sculpting department: Legacy Effects (as Adam Ross), physical suit effects co-supervisor: Legacy Effects (as J. Alan Scott), model department: Legacy Effects (as Nicholas Seldon), digital sculpting department: Legacy Effects (as Gregory Smith), digital sculpting department: Legacy Effects (as Won Il Song), special effects technician (as Bob Spurlock), mold shop and suit painter: Legacy Effects, special effects supervisor (as Dan Sudick), special effects technician (as Mike Tice), mold department: Legacy Effects (as Michael Williams), mold department: Legacy Effects (uncredited), special effects foreman: Wilmington, NC (uncredited), specialty suit fabricator: Legacy Effects (uncredited), special effects technician: Legacy Effects (uncredited), lab technician: Legacy Effects (uncredited), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Shaun Friedberg), visual effects animator/compositor: Prologue, visual effects creative supervisor: Prologue (as Ilya Abulkhanov), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Olivia M. Adams), rotoscope and paint artist: Digital Domain, senior animation supervisor: Digital Domain, software development and pipeline: Stereo D, visual effects production supervisor: Scanline VFX, previs artist: The Third Floor (as George Antzoulidas), production services supervisor: Digital Domain, modeling lead: Trixter / texturing artist: Trixter, computer graphics supervisor: Digital Domain, digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Scott Baxter), additional supervisor: Digital Domain (as Gary Beach), digital lighting lead: Digital Domain (as Matthew Bell), visual effects coordinator: Digital Domain, digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Alexander A.B. But how does an event from Tony's past fit in with the events of the present? Extremis Soldier, Junior Technician TownResident Biker Thomas), finalling: Framestore (as Michael Thompson), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Audrea Topps-Harjo), stereo production supervisor: Stereo D (as Christopher Treichel), visual effects coordinator: Mandarin video sequences, Logan, visual effects production assistant: Digital Domain, data integration technician: second unit / on-set environments capture: Digital Domain, digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Roland Vallet), compositor: Method Studios (as Greg Vanzyl), visual effects crew: Scanline VFX (as Jean Frederic Veilleux), computer playback engineer (as James 'Vinny' Visconti), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Dan Wade), visual effects crew: Scanline VFX (as Toby Watson), modeling: Method Studios (as Alexander Whang), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Joe Wilkie), senior digital production manager: Digital Domain, digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Mark C. Williams), digital production manager: Method Studios, digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Stephen L. Wilson), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Viki Yunjeong Yeo), tracking/layout supervisor: Method Studios, visual effects crew: Scanline VFX (as Zach Zaubi), compositing supervisor: Framestore (as Chris Zeh), digital effects crew: Weta Digital (as Johan Aberg), camera technical director: weta digital (uncredited), training & artist development (uncredited), previsualization artist: The Third Floor (uncredited), senior stereoscopic artist: Stereo D (uncredited), systems admin lead: The Embassy (uncredited), head of information technology (uncredited) / systems admin lead: The Embassy (uncredited), stereoscopic compositor (uncredited) / stereoscopic painter (uncredited), stereoscopic roto artist: Stereo D (uncredited), visual effects compositor: Prologue Films (uncredited), visual effects artist: Digital Domain (uncredited), stereoscopic conversion compositor (uncredited), creature pipeline technical director (uncredited), operations assistant: Stereo D (uncredited), visual effects consultant (uncredited) / visual effects production consultant (uncredited), visual effects: Head of crewing framestore (uncredited), senior compositor (uncredited) / senior paint artist (uncredited), production manager: Framestore (uncredited), lead effects technical director: Cinesite (uncredited), stereo compositing supervisor: Gener8 (uncredited), stereo compositing supervisor: Stereo D (uncredited), digital matte painter: Method Studios London (uncredited), previsualization production coordinator: The Third Floor (uncredited), visual effects coordinator: Cinesite (uncredited), previsualization editor: The Third Floor (uncredited), stereoscopic rotoscope artist: Stereo D (uncredited), senior effects technical director: Luma Pictures (uncredited), digital production administrator: Digital Domain (uncredited), digital artist: Weta Digital (uncredited), digital production administrator (uncredited), lighting technical director: Digital Domain (uncredited), stereoscopic artist: Stereo D (uncredited), on-set environments capture technologist (uncredited), lead effects artist: Method Studios (uncredited), data operations manager: Method Studios (uncredited), senior stereoscopic compositor (uncredited), stereoscopic compositor: Stereo D (uncredited), senior paint artist: Weta Digital (uncredited), roto/paint artist: Luma Pictures (uncredited), visual effects producer: fx3x (uncredited), look development/lighting: Digital Domain (uncredited), visual effects supervisor: RISE Visual Effects Studios (uncredited), 3D scanning technician: Gentle Giant Studios (uncredited), digital artist: The Base Studio (uncredited) / visual effects artist (uncredited), senior systems engineer: Animal Logic Fuel (uncredited), matchmove and roto artist: fx3x (uncredited), head of production: Digital Domain (uncredited), rotoscope artist: Method Studios (uncredited), desktop administrator: StereoD (uncredited), lead stereo compositor: Gener8 (uncredited), digital artist: The Base Studio (uncredited), post-visualization artist: The Third Floor (uncredited), visual effects production assistant: Stereo D (uncredited), technical director: Digital Domain (uncredited), visual effects artist: Luma Pictures (uncredited), stereo depth artist: stereoscopic conversion (uncredited), production support: Cinesite (uncredited), visual effects producer: The Base Studio (uncredited), mocap camera operator: Digital Domain (uncredited), visual effects coordinator: Lola VFX (uncredited), stereoscopic depth artist: Stereo D (uncredited), stereoscopic rotoscope artist (uncredited), rotoscope artist: stereoscopic conversion (uncredited), compositing technical director: Scanline VFX (uncredited), scanning and recording technician (uncredited), compositor (uncredited) / finaling artist (uncredited), effects artist: RISE Visual Effects Studios (uncredited), paint artist: Method Studios (uncredited), digital modeler: Weta Digital (uncredited), junior stereoscopic compositor: Gener8 (uncredited), visual effects editor: ScanlineVFX Munich (uncredited), digital compositor: Digital Domain (uncredited), visual effects supervisor: capital T (uncredited), stereoscopic animator: Stereo D (uncredited), stereoscopic conversion lead (uncredited), senior stereoscopic depth artist / trainer (uncredited), managing director: The Embassy (uncredited), digital modeler (uncredited) / digital sculptor (uncredited), pipeline technical director: Framestore (uncredited), associate visual effects supervisor: Trixter (uncredited), digital compositor: RISE Visual Effects Studios (uncredited), animation technical director (uncredited), digital compositor: Pivot VFX (uncredited), pipeline technical director: Luma Pictures (uncredited), i/o coordinator: Scanline VFX (uncredited), compositing technical director: Reliance MediaWorks VFX (uncredited), digital paint and roto artist (uncredited), digital compositor: Scanline VFX (uncredited), junior stereo compositor: Gener8 (uncredited), software engineer: Digital Domain (uncredited), stereoscopic conversion lead: Stereo D (uncredited), visual effects producer: Rise Visual Effects Studios (uncredited), visual effects coordinator: Luma Pictures (uncredited), senior modeler: Method Studios (uncredited), visual effect coordinator: The Base Studio (uncredited), previsualization accountant: The Third Floor (uncredited), rigging technical director: Trixter Film (uncredited), digital effects artist: Scanline VFX (uncredited), stereo roto artist: Stereo D (uncredited), cg artist: RISE Visual Effects Studios (uncredited), visual effects producer: Reliance Mediaworks, Mumbai (uncredited), stereoscopic compositor: stereoscopic conversion (uncredited), digital producer: Digital Domain (uncredited), visual effects technical director (uncredited), layout technical director: Weta Digital (uncredited), animation lead: Digital Domain (uncredited), chief technology officer: ScanlineVFX (uncredited), shading technical director: Trixter (uncredited), lighting technical director: Weta Digital (uncredited), lead stereoscopic depth artist: Stereo D (uncredited), stereoscopic compositor: Stereo D LLC (uncredited), technical assistant: StereoD (uncredited), stereoscopic compositor: StereoD (uncredited), element qc and stereoscopic compositer (uncredited), production engineer: Weta Digital (uncredited), senior stereoscopic artist: stereoD (uncredited), lead outsource digital production administrator (uncredited), stereoscopic assistant editor (uncredited), facility production assistant: Weta Digital (uncredited), senior camera technical director (uncredited), head of quality control: Stereo D (uncredited), paint/roto artist: Luma Pictures (uncredited), lead effects artist: RISE Visual Effects Studios (uncredited), previsualization head of pipeline: The Third Floor (uncredited), (weta digital) ((digital paint artist) (uncredited), pipeline technical director: Digital Domain (uncredited), render wrangler/render support (uncredited), senior stereo roto annotation artist (uncredited), systems admistrator: The Embassy (uncredited), visual effects coordinator: Lola Visual Effects (uncredited), compositing lead: Digital Domain (uncredited), rotomation supervisor: Gener8 (uncredited), international artist: Stereo D (uncredited), digital compositor: Cinesite (uncredited), systems administrator: Scanline VFX (uncredited), senior production coordinator (uncredited), digital compsitor: Stereo Conversion (uncredited), pipeline coordinator: Luma Pictures (uncredited), visual effects artist: Scanline VFX (uncredited), systems support: cantina creative (uncredited), stereo compositor: stereoscopic conversion (uncredited), compositing supervisor: Scanline VFX (uncredited), stereoscopic conversion artist (uncredited), contracts consultant: Weta Digital (uncredited), virtual production supervisor: Digital Domain (uncredited), dynamics effects animator: Luma (uncredited), visual effects artist: Method Studios (uncredited), systems coordinator: Digital Domain (uncredited), visual effects: Scanline VFX (uncredited), visual effects research and development (uncredited), senior stereoscopic depth artist: Stereo D - uncredited (uncredited), pipeline supervisor: The Embassy (uncredited), motion capture technical director (uncredited), senior stereoscopic compositor: StereoD (uncredited), lead cg artist: RISE Visual Effects Studios (uncredited), stereoscopic lead artist: Stereo D (uncredited), lead stereo compositor (uncredited) / stereoscopic compositor (uncredited), media systems: Digital Domain (uncredited) / systems support: Digital Domain (uncredited), systems engineer: Framestore (uncredited), production assistant: Stereo D (uncredited), production technology manager: StereoD (uncredited) / technology manager: stereoscopic conversion (uncredited), rotoscope supervisor: The Base Studio (uncredited), technical operations lead: stereoscopic conversion (uncredited), matchmove & layout artist: Fuel VFX (uncredited), visual effects artist: Prologue Films (uncredited), lead compositor: Digital Domain (uncredited), visual effects editor: Digital Domain (uncredited), visual effects production assistant (uncredited), senior animator: Weta Digital (uncredited), digital producer: Scanline VFX (uncredited), render technical assistant: StereoD (uncredited), visual effects production manager (uncredited), roto/paint supervisor: Method Studios (uncredited), chief technology officer: Weta Digital (uncredited), assistant rotoscope lead: Gener8 (uncredited), lidar technician: Gentle Giant Studios (uncredited), compositing pipeline technical director: Framestore (uncredited), animation td coordinator: Weta Digital (uncredited), digital compositor (uncredited) / stereo compositor (uncredited), conceptual art department: Weta Digital (uncredited), visual effects line producer (uncredited), motion capture operator: Weta Digital (uncredited), stereoscopic compositor: Gener8 (uncredited), associate production manager: Digital Domain (uncredited), roto/paint artist: Digital Domain (uncredited), pipeline technical director: Cinesite (uncredited), virtual production lab supervisor (uncredited), previsualization creative director: The Third Floor (uncredited), rotomation artist: Yannix Co., Ltd. (uncredited), stereoscopic production supervisor (uncredited), digital effects supervisor: Pivot VFX (uncredited), head of production: Method Studios (uncredited), facilities production assistant (uncredited), finaling compositor: Stereo D LLC (uncredited), digital paint artist: Weta Digital (uncredited), post previsualization artist (uncredited), matchmove artist: Framestore (uncredited), lighting artist: Digital Domain (uncredited), concept artist: Luma Pictures (uncredited), skydiving team: "Barrel of Monkeys" / stunt rigger, stunt double: Killian (as Christopher Brewster), second unit stunt coordinator (as Jim Churchman), stunt double: Iron Man / stunt double: Iron Patriot, stunt double: E.J.

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