Eine umweltfreundliche Beschichtung, die vollständig auf PFC verzichtet, schützt deinen Tagesrucksack vor Regen- und Spritzwasser das einfach von der Außenseite abperlt Spezielles Polyestergarn und Polyestergewebe sind miteinander verarbeitet und bilden eine extrem reißfeste Oberfläche. Deuter Futura Vario 45+10 SL, Graphite/Black. As a potential customer, you should consider what your outdoor plans are before deciding on which model is the best for you. Deuter ACT Lite 35+10 SL Pack – Women’s. A soft cloth or brush can also be used. They have literally thought of … Furthermore, it comes with a lot of storage options and attachment loops for hiking poles or even an ice axe, because of what it's designed for. Für groß gewachsene Rucksackträger*innen bieten wir mit den Extra-Long-Modellen die perfekte Passform für lange Rücken. The compression strap, the kid-friendly buckles, and the lightweight material all make the backpack perfect for children. However, with the features that have been incorporated into the design, you'll surely get your money's worth. It's designed to sit close to the body so that the weight will be evenly distributed on the back. These features make the backpack perfect for light packing while ensuring that you still have enough space for necessary gear. The backpack has a built-in detachable rain cover, a separate bottom compartment, and space for a hydration system. PU coating makes this backpack resistant to water and the strong ripstop threads make the backpack suitable for rough and long use. Die Slim Line-Rucksäcke wurden für die typische Anatomie von Frauen konzipiert. One important value that they uphold is the fusion of economy, ecology, and social commitment. Child comfort is ensured through the design and material used, the step-in side access for kids to get in and out of the carrier easily, the soft chin pad provides support for kids to rest and adjustable footrests help to promote circulation. There are compartments for hydration system and hiking poles. It's a perfect backpack for trekking and alpine climbs. There's also a name label on the inside to prevent mix-ups in schools and on the playground. This lightweight backpack is perfect for day hikes, ski races, and mountaineering. That in fact, is the very essence of this review. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, Deuter uses appropriate strap padding, depending on the size and type of backpack. The detachable helmet holder, shovel compartment, fleece-lined goggle pocket and many other features will help you hold your equipment safely in cold and snowy conditions. Certainly, it isn’t only adults that enjoy outdoor activities. Passformen Nachhaltig . The other backpacks, because of their functions, are large. Deuter is the best option to protect your gear with hybrid travel packs offering an integrated transport cover that can serve as a rain cover when needed. All Deuter backpacks and accessories are manufactured in Vietnam. Im Organizer sortierst du deine Stifte, dein Smartphone und dein Ladekabel ein. You can buy Deuter backpacks at cheap prices on Amazon. Diese Eigenschaften zeichnen die Daypacks von Deuter außerdem aus: Kein Problem: die Registrierung dauert nur einen kurzen Moment. This makes it resistant to water and abrasion. Even when picking out a backpack for hiking, there has to be a distinction between short hikes and long hikes. Of all the backpacks reviewed, only the Deuter Speed Lite 20 Athletic Daypack and the kid’s backpacks are really small. For an impression of Deuter as a brand, have a read of this interview with their Marketing Manager, Becky Marcelliano. . I mean, under such working conditions, the individuality and creativity of each employee can only blossom into great ideas. garantiert. You can easily adjust the backpack to fit you perfectly by using the load adjustment straps and as regards ventilation, you're covered. The Deuter Speed Lite Athletic Daypack is also fairly adaptable. There are lots of interesting features, however, on the Speed Lite. Additionally, the pack's hydration system compatible with compartments for your hiking poles and wet gear. According to customers, the mesh hip straps stay out of the way, it's perfect for air travel and it's quite spacious. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Certainly, you can’t compare a backpack for just books and a laptop with a hiking backpack. The only demerit of this backpack is that it's not big enough for long hikes, but that shouldn’t be a problem if you're not planning on going on one. Office backpacks, laptop backpacks & school backpacks from Deuter at a glance. A popular question among outdoor enthusiasts is “what backpack is the best for me?”. Eventually it all comes down to what you need the backpack for. Generally, Deuter backpacks can be expensive, but as they have a lot to offer in terms of backpack features, this is justified. Dadurch sparen wir ca. If what you're looking for is a backpack for short hikes and other related activities, the Speed Lite is perfect for you. This load-carrying backpack, however, cannot be used for air travel as it exceeds the size allowed by most airlines. If backpack straps are poorly designed, using such backpacks will inevitably result in shoulder and back strains. The Airstripes back system offers adequate ventilation, mesh side pockets and front zip pockets provide space for snacks and school items like pencils. It's not surprising that this backpack is really expensive. Another interesting feature is the waterproof PU coating, so you can be assured that your children’s books and other valuables won’t get soaked. 28.4 x 10.2 x 8.7 Inches (35 Liters + 10 Liters). All in all, the ACT Lite 65+10 is a great backpack for hiking, and backpacking trips. Women’s backpacks are typically not as long as men’s, and the Deuter’s ACT Lite 35+10 is an example of this. They have a lot of backpacks that exceed the size allowed by most airlines. Of all the backpacks reviewed, only the Speed Lite 20, the Junior Kid’s Backpack, and the Schmusebar Kid’s Backpack are really cheap. We’re bestbackpacklab.com and each year we help thousands of people find quality backpack products for all purposes. With top-loading and front-loading Deuter travel packs, you can select from a full range of backpack Melbourne options to meet your needs. WindTook Laptop … It may be safe to say that Deuter backpacks have a unique style, even though it's a case of “form follows function”. It has adjustable and padded shoulder straps, and sunglasses loop on the shoulder strap. Dem steigenden Bedürfnis nach Nachhaltigkeit kommen unsere City-Rucksäcke ebenfalls entgegen: Einige unserer Rucksäcke bestehen aus 100 Prozent recyceltem Material; das entspricht pro Rucksack bis zu 40 0,5l-PET-Flaschen. Some people have complained, however, that there's too much space between the hip wings that help to ensure comfortable load distribution. This best selling pack is very popular with parents and kids alike. Generally, Deuter backpacks are strong and of good quality, most models have PU coating and strong weaves to make them water and abrasion-resistant. Additional features like the adjustable hip belt and the S-shaped 3-D AirMesh shoulder straps give the Futura its special edge. Hier erfährst du mehr zu Verantwortung bei Deuter. Die City-Rucksäcke überzeugen durch nachhaltige Produktion, Komfort, Funktion und nicht zuletzt durch durchdachtes, schönes Design. Some large Deuter backpack models have internal aluminum frames, which helps them keep their form, even after years of use. Even when picking out a backpack for hiking, there has to be a distinction between short hikes and long hikes. However, Deuter can boast of a large variety of backpacks with different types and sizes of compartments. Check out this video by Deuter showing exactly how to adjust your backpack to get the best fit. Für angenehme Belüftung am Rücken sorgt das atmungsaktive 3D AirMesh. The detachable top compartment is, however, very small and the backpack doesn't come with a rain cover. Die Tagesrucksäcke von Deuter wählst du passend zu deinen Ansprüchen, deinen Zielen und deiner Körperstatur. Daypack & Tagesrucksack von Deuter Komfort | Design | Funktion für Büro, Arbeit, Schule & Universität Versch. Die Aufteilung der Rucksackfächer wie beim Giga ist an die Bedürfnisse von Pendlern angepasst. Certainly, you can’t compare a backpack for just books and a laptop with a hiking backpack. So, it doesn’t really matter if you're male or female. Deshalb gibt es unsere Tagesrucksäcke in verschiedenen Passformen. Use Bizrate's latest online shopping features to compare prices. The right backpack for any situation: hiking backpack, trekking backpack, bike backpack, child carrier, travel backpack, day pack and more. The inside of Deuter backpacks can be cleaned with a vacuum and the outside with a toothbrush. The type and quality of materials used in making a backpack will directly affect the durability. From U-zip openings to shoe compartments to large main compartments, Deuter has surely got you covered in terms of storage options. Deuter: one of the leading manufacturers of high quality backpacks, from trekking backpacks to daypacks, hiking backpacks, travel bags and child carriers. Women who love camping, hiking and trekking will find this backpack very appealing, with its Aircontact act lite system that reduces perspiration by up to 15%, x-frame construction, height adjustable lid, padded hip belt and so many more features. Deuter backpacks in general and most of the models here are made for outdoor sports and activities, hiking, snowboarding, backpacking trips, trekking, camping and so on. Wir freuen uns dich Willkommen zu heißen! This backpack, however, isn't designed for hiking and it wasn't designed to accommodate a hydration system. Some models are, however, versatile and can serve other functions, like the kid’s backpacks and the Giga Bike Backpack. However, they also make backpacks for leisure and everyday use. Specially designed for children playground and trail exploration, Deuter’s junior kid’s backpack is fitted with S-shaped soft shoulder straps and chest straps to manage load perfectly. Deuter backpacks are suitable for children and adults alike. Deuter Backpacks offer the best in quality and innovation. Our independent and unbiased research means that you get the best advice before buying. Apart from size, the number of compartments is another thing you want to consider when choosing a Deuter backpack. Ein gepolstertes Fach schützt Laptop oder Tablet, deine Wertsachen kannst du in einem extra Fach an der Innenseite des Rucksacks unterbringen. Personen zwischen 1,85 und 2,00 Metern tun sich oft schwer bei der Rucksacksuche. The functionality of any backpack is closely related to its size. Die Rucksäcke UP erfüllen als bluesign®-product die strengsten Auflagen der Textilbranche in Bezug auf Verbraucherschutz, Arbeitsschutz und Umweltschutz. Additionally, to prevent mix-ups, there is a name label inside the pack. ❕ MwSt.-Senkung: Wir geben die Senkung der MwSt. Comfort is assured through their breathable back system and quality is assured by the PU coating that makes the backpacks water and abrasion-resistant. It's perfect for any cold weather outdoor activity like snowboarding, skiing and ice climbing. While you can also use this backpack for other things apart from hiking, it doesn’t have that many pockets where you can store things. Hip belts and chest straps are additional features commonly used by Deuter to ensure comfort. This is why I've reviewed the most popular Deuter backpack models in this article to help you choose the one that perfectly suits your purposes. Oft werden größere Rucksackvarianten als Daypacks für Herren gesucht. The breathable back design protects your back from excessive sweating. The light and padded back has a ventilated air mesh to ensure carrying comfort. You can be sure of your child’s safety as the backpack has been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JMPA). The design and fit of this backpack make it perfect for bike commutes and at the same time it perfect for school, office and other day-to-day activities. Deuter offers a variety of sizes for different purposes, from their typical lightweight backpacks to their 65-liter backpacks. All their backpacks, however, have polyurethane coating. We participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program in which we earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites. Registriere dich in zwei einfachen Schritten. Hiking backpacks are usually large or at least of a medium size. You can learn more here. The backpack has attachment loops for hiking poles and helmet holder; also, it is hydration system compatible. 50 Prozent CO2 sowie deutliche Mengen an Wasser und Rohöl bei der Herstellung ein. The sun and rain roof compatibility is another feature that makes that pack interesting among many others. Furthermore, the authenticity and reliability of the brand are also values that have helped them stay relevant for a very long period of time. When cleaning the outside, make sure you use only mild detergent mixed with water. Shoulder straps aren't sufficient to ensure comfort, especially for hiking backpacks. As there are different sizes of backpacks, this will depend on the size of the particular backpack. Zwei atmungsaktive Polsterstreifen liegen parallel zur Wirbelsäule am Rücken auf. A distinct pattern of design has evolved with Deuter over the years, from their seemingly narrow backpack designs to their removable hip belts and exquisite S-shaped straps. Deuter offers a variety of sizes for different purposes, from their typical lightweight backpacks to their 65-liter backpacks. Additionally, Deuter offers a lot of style options in the different colors their backpacks come in. This is hugely reflected in the style and personality of their backpacks. A backpack that fits compactly and securely on the back in all manoeuvres and enables free air circulation over more than 80% of the back thanks to the ventilation channels. As I said earlier, at Deuter, their focus is on developing backpacks for outdoor purposes - snow sports, hiking, trekking, camping and other related activities. SL-Modelle zeichnen sich durch einen kürzeren Rücken, schmälere Schulterträger und konisch geformte Hüftflossen aus. Die zweite TOP-Auswahl ist der Deuter Giga 2 Laptop Rucksack, der mit einer fast 35 cm breiten Fassung überzeugt. The Speed Lite’s distinct features are its lightweight and compactness. Deuter zählt zu den erfahrensten Herstellern in der Entwicklung von Rucksäcken. Deuter ACT Lite 35+10 SL Pack - Discontinued,... 11 Best Backpacks For Neck, Shoulder & Back Pain Reviewed, 5 Best Herschel Backpacks: Reviewed, Rated & Compared, 5 Best Fjallraven Kanken Backpacks: Reviewed & Compared, 11 Best Soccer Backpacks: Reviewed, Rated & Compared, 6 Best Thule Backpacks: Reviewed, Rated & Compared, 5 Best Oakley Backpacks: Reviewed, Rated & Compared, 9 Best Tumi Backpacks: Reviewed For Stylish Travellers, 6 Best Samsonite Backpacks: Reviewed, Rated & Compared, 14 Best Backpacks Under $50: Reviewed, Rated & Compared, 9 Best Jansport Backpacks: Reviewed, Rated & Compared. Deshalb sind unsere Rucksäcke besonders robust und widerstandsfähig. Das Produkt besitzt einen verstellbaren Brustgurt und hat … Deuter Giga 2 Laptop Rucksack. The sternum strap helps stabilize the backpack on your shoulders. Like most Deuter models, Futura offers maximum ventilation through a steel spring frame that supports the mesh, thus creating space between your back and the pack. Even though most of these backpacks are large, there's a great difference in their respective volumes, so it depends on what you really need. This backpack has two compartments with the main compartment designed to hold folders and documents, the second compartment can hold your laptop or smaller folders and documents. Best prices on Deuter laptop backpack in Backpacks. Ob du mit dem Zug pendelst, mit dem Fahrrad zur Arbeit fährst, Besorgungen in der Stadt machst oder einfach so unterwegs bist: Dein Daypack von Deuter begleitet dich zuverlässig überall hin. Designed specifically for hiking and mountain climbing, the Aircontact system, derlin frame, pockets, front opening, hip fin garage, sternum strap, rain cover, stretch compartment and many more features make this backpack perfect for outdoor activities.

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