The health authorities in Berlin registered 1457 new corona cases on Wednesday. Our forecast is that the federal election in September will result in a coalition between the centre-right Christian Democratic Union and The Greens, resulting in a shift towards green policymaking. Immigrants behind a quarter of German start-ups, new study finds The start-up behind new coronavirus vaccine has been hailed as an immigrant success story By Justin Huggler 12 Nov 2020, 3:56pm Germany was plunged into political crisis this week when members of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) – a conservative party that has governed and shaped the … Select the subjects you want to know more about on There are exceptions. However, elections to the Federal chambers are limited to German citizens. This brings the total number of people infected with corona since the beginning of the pandemic to 52,063, with 31,806 being considered to have recovered. Just as in every democracy, voting is the most important German political right, and non-citizens are generally not able to vote in most elections. More than 400 corona deaths in Berlin: 1457 new cases. For instance, EU nationals can vote in local and European elections. Find all national and international information about germany. Political Parties (Germany) - List of German political parties since 1949 Overview of the elections since 1946 (Übersicht der Wahlen seit 1946) (on the website of the Tagesschau news service) - Election results in Germany since 1946 on state, federal and European levels (German descriptions, but graphics and data can be accessed without these). Germany faces a political transition in 2021 as Angela Merkel steps down after 16 years as chancellor.

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