Asta’s connection to Licht. Yahiko had two magic based; a light and a dark magic. We got some major reveals in Black Clover manga chapter 265. Regardless of his past, Yuno still feels of himself as a Magic Knight of Clover Kingdom. Licht said this to Asta when he was fighting with the Eye of the mid night sun. When Licht felt deep despair about elves’s massacre, his four-leaf clover turned five, birthing the Grimoire of Despair. Father-Son Relationship; #blackcloverweek2020; Prompt 5: Favorite Relationship; Summary. The most important one being that the elf bloodline has managed to survive and continues to live on. Since it is the soul of an unborn child, it doesn't contain any memories, it does not have a personnality or motivations, and this explain why Yuno was the only human who was able to regain control of … Yuno isn't a reincarnation, he's the orphaned son of Licht and the human wind user, thus why he's got the 4 leaf clover of his dad and the wind magic of his mom. Shortcoming:He is too young to be Licht's son.In addition the Witch Queen said he is nothing special. Black Clover Theory: Asta is the Son of Lumiere and Secre and Yuno is Licht Reincarnated Son The Anime Podcast • By Shane Ray Salmon • May 31, 2019 He also said that the grimore no longer belong to him as Demon god choosed Asta as it new user. did manage to survive the massacre of the elves! 「Black Clover Fanfiction : The Son of The Wizard King」 Fanfiction. The royal servants somehow managed to guard Yuno and took him to Hage Village’s church in the Clover kingdom. Licht dan Yuno; aktivitas satu hari tanpa Bunda Lumi. 4. Yuno Huge Magic power and unknown heritage. A very odd combination, isn't it? Asta’s 5 leaf grimore originally belong to Licht. Yahiko Novachrono, a fifteen years old boy and the only son of the current wizard king, Julius Novachrono. Licht and Tetia in Black Clover. But Black Clover Chapter 265 revealed that Licht and Tetia’s child (son?) Language: Bahasa Indonesia ... Licht (Black Clover) (48) Lemiel Silvamillion Clover (26) Yuno (Black Clover) (23) Asta (Black Clover) (21) Yami Sukehiro (17) Noelle Silva (13) William Vangeance (13) Shortcoming:Too young.His hair colour is also different. Now, as per the recent chapter of Black Clover, i.e, Chapter … The Black Clover manga and anime series features an extensive cast of characters created by ... (the soul is hinted to be that of Licht's unborn son) Yuno's magical might and willpower allowed him to retain his mind as he faced Patry and the demon manipulating him. Five hundred years ago, to enter the human world, Zagred (devil) orchestrated a huge massacre that led to the extinction of elves. It was confirmed in the recent chapters than Yuno is indeed the host of Licht's unborn son. Licht was the wielder of the Four-leaf clover Grimoire.

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