Bei hinreichendem Wasserstand wurde die Leiche erst außerhalb der Stadt wieder angelandet, so dass man sich nicht mehr darum zu kümmern brauchte. On 10 May 1235, King Henry (VII) of Germany granted substantial privileges to the citizens of the city. Maintenance attempts of the persistently damaged bridge in the years 1825 to 1859 caused construction costs of about 230,000 Guilders.[11]. Die Delle (Vertiefung) in der eisernen Wade aber ist heute noch zu sehen. Firstly, a temporary wooden bridge was created, which stood in good stead during the coronation of emperor Charles VII. This assumption is now considered to be improbable. These were both on the Sachsenhausen side of the Main, which was more strongly exposed to the water currents. November 2013)", "Warum die Frankfurter ihren Brickegickel so lieben", "Die Sachsenhäuser Brücke zu Frankfurt – Wikisource", "Dichtung und Wahrheit. 1401 wurde ein Kruzifix auf dem mittleren Bogen der Brücke, dem Kreuzbogen, aufgestellt, um die Stelle des tiefsten Fahrwassers zu markieren. The oldest complete drawing can be found in the Cosmographia of Sebastian Münster, as a part of the birds-eye view of Frankfurt, in the second issue from 1550. Strictly speaking, the bridge was located outside of the city walls, and thus outside of the city. [1] However, the bridge might be older than this: Chronicler Achilles Augustus von Lersner, who lived in Frankfurt, wrote at the beginning of the 18th century: "The bridge which connects both cities was built of wood in 1035 and it stood for so many years that it often suffered great water damage, especially in 1192." Today, it has a length of about 300 metres, and a width of about 30 metres, and is separated by the bridge in an upper island and a lower island. In the 14th century the bridge was destroyed by floods and melting ice many times: "On the evening of 1 February 1306, the Main, because of ice and water, was so high that it knocked away the two bridge towers and many parts of the bridge. In 1739, the council mandated that the bridge must not be burdened with more than 50 hundredweight at a time. Im Laufe der Jahrhunderte wurde er fünfmal erneuert. In 1852, the westerly mill was torn down, and at the same position, a steam engine pumping station was constructed from 1856 to 1858 to provide Main water for the Sachsenhausen horticulture. Diese Sage wird in ganz ähnlicher Form auch über andere Brücken erzählt, z. The Sachsenhausen bridge tower had already been demolished in 1769. Since its first mention in official documents in 1222, the development of Frankfurt has been strongly influenced by the bridge. The besiegement started on 17 July and ended with the conclusion of the Peace of Passau contract on 2 August. In favor of the pedestrian and bicycle paths, the middle fifth lane for left-turning drivers was waived. The council then decided to completely rebuild the bridge. Dort fand eine Überarbeitung der Figur statt. During the bombing of Frankfurt in World War II, the statue has been severely damaged; the head and the hands of the statue have been destroyed. The correlated architect competition of 2001 was won by Christoph Mäckler, with a design proposal that emphasized the historical elements of the bridge. Nevertheless, the Main bridge, now called the "Alte Brücke" (old bridge), turned out to be unsuitable to meet the rising demand caused by increasing amounts of street traffic. Originally there was a ford (German: Furt) near the Alte Brücke, possibly slightly downstream near the de:Frankfurt Fahrtor, giving the city its name. Jahrhundert war es die häufigste Form der Todesstrafe in Frankfurt. The accountable architect might have been Madern Gerthener, who personally vouched for the safety of the vaults and arches in front of the (city?) [14] However, the construction work was delayed to be synchronized with the reconstruction of the Kurt-Schumacher-Straße (Kurt Schumacher road), avoiding prolonged interference with private transport in the inner city. Im Laufe der Jahrhunderte wurde er fünfmal erneuert. The two middle arches had been the widest, with a width of 29.5 metres each. Out of tank armor plates and other war material, a steel middle part was created for the bridge. Between 1908 and 1910, the "Osthafen" (east harbour) emerged. The first known mention of the bridge was in 1222 in the records of Frankfurt Cathedral, referring to a "burgage plot at the bridge" ("Hofstätte an der Brücke") belonging to a magistrate named Nikolaus. It is likely that the Frankfurt waggoners incited this anger when they spurred on their horses and carriages with loud shouts and whip cracks, and when the iron-fitted wheels of the heavy vehicles rumbled over the cobbles of the road and the bridge:[29]. There, their knees, arms, hands and neck were bound, and they were pushed on a wooden plank over the bridge parapet into the Main. However, this reconstruction did not happen because of a hefty cost estimation. During the War of the Sixth Coalition, on 31 October 1813, French troops, supposed to be defending the city, engaged in a violent battle against Bavarian and Austrian soldiers, who approached the bridge from Sachsenhausen. After an initial provisional reconstruction, the middle part of the bridge was replaced by a steel through truss bridge and placed in operation again on 15 September 1965. From the Middle Ages until the year 1914, it connected the "Fahrgasse" in Frankfurt Altstadt with the "Brückenstraße" in Sachsenhausen. Over the centuries, Alte Brücke has been destroyed and reconstructed at least 18 times. Kolks and underminings lead to recurring damage to the bridge. Datum: 17. East of the Alte Brücke, architect Mäckler had conceptualized another building, with a height of 30 metres. A few years later, Patrician Wicker Frosch donated Katharinenkirche to the Innenstadt. The rebuilt bridge, according to earliest documents, was built partly of wood, with pillars made of stone. Ein goldner Hahn auf einer Eisenstange steht aber noch jetzt zum Wahrzeichen auf der Brücke. The construction was to be managed by Johann Friedrich von Uffenbach. Nach der peinlichen Gerichtsordnung Kaiser Karls V., der sogenannten Constitutio Criminalis Carolina, war das Ertränken die vorgesehene Strafe für die Delikte Diebstahl, Kindsmord, Blutschande, Bruch der Urfehde, Vergiftung und Abtreibung. On 23 May 1912, on the Main island, the foundation stone for the reconstruction has been laid. The "Brickegickel" ("bridge rooster") is inseparably linked to the history of the Alte Brücke. Juli 2004, § 7578, List of medieval stone bridges in Germany, "Institut für Stadtgeschichte, Newsletter, Ausgabe 16, Frankfurt von oben", "Bildnis von Gilbrecht von Holzhausen, im Städel-Museum, Frankfurt am Main", "Bildnis der Anna von Holzhausen, geb. B. der Glaube an heidnische Flussgötter, die nur durch ein Opfer zu besänftigen waren. German: Nun biste fertig, Brick, / nach langem schweren Leide. During the course of the 19th century, Rowing became a popular sport. B. ein Ziegenbock oder eine Gans. [24], Connected to the firefight between Swedish and Imperial troops in August 1635 is the legend of the "Schwedenschuss" ("Swedish gunshot"):[25]. On 15 August 1926, the "Neue Alte Brücke" could finally be opened by Lord Mayor Ludwig Landmann. 1840 wurden die beiden Bögen schließlich endgültig zugemauert – ohne dass der Teufel das Werk in der Nacht wieder einstürzen ließ. Not before 1338, the beautiful and richly decorated chapel was finished, and consecrated to Catherine of Alexandria, patron saint of the mariners, on 27 September 1338. Der sechste Brickegickel wurde im September 1994 errichtet, nachdem sein Vorgänger 1992 gestohlen worden war. Dann sie haben geschossen schier A large crowd of people stood on the bridge and 10 of them drowned." Als diese herannahte, sah er, daß es unmöglich war, und wie nur noch zwei Tage übrig waren, rief er in der Angst den Teufel an und bat um seinen Beistand. Especially since the construction of the wide Kurt-Schumacher-Straße (Kurt Schumacher road), which today is the northern access-road to the bridge, there had often been traffic jams from the bridge up to the inner city. In the course of the inauguration of the bridge, on 15 August 1926, Franz Heberer spoke in the name of the architects: "Now you are completed, bridge / after long severe suffering. However, in most other legends, other animals like goats or chamoises cross the bridge in place of a rooster. An illustration by painter Philipp Uffenbach, made in 1610 for the Frankfurt bridge tower, shows this in a dramatic fashion: The picture shows three men scuffling on the bridge. In the course of the flood, the 1338 Chapel of St. Catherine and a bridge tower collapsed. However, affected by World War I, the work came to a standstill. In 1342, the Sachsenhausen tower became a victim of flood again, but was reconstructed promptly. Because the Alte Brücke constitutes the most used bus path of the city, the road was supposed to be prepared for an implementation of tram tracks, to create a tram connection between the Konstablerwache and Sachsenhausen. In the early 17th century, the last wooden pillar of the bridge, located north of the bridge mill, was replaced by a stone equivalent. At this place, the river current was the strongest, causing the convict to be carried and drowned by the water immediately. It is a woodcut which itself is dated 1545. Der vierte wurde mit einem neuen Sockel und einem Kruzifix – beide in. "), The Sachsenhausen Bridge was also considered to be one of the four most significant old bridges of Germany: "Die Dresdner ist die längste und schönste, die Prager die breiteste und frömmste, die Regensburger die stärkste und die Sachsenhäuser die röteste". For some time, the beginning of the work was planned to be in the middle of 2009; the building costs have been estimated in the 2008 city budget plan to be about 29 million Euro.[15]. [16] To be able to implement these plans, however, the bridge would have been needed to be broadened. Development of the Main island and the Müllermain, Stadtverordnetenbeschluß vom 15. Frankfurt (dpa/lhe) - Das historische Brückenkreuz mit goldenem Hahn schmückt wieder die Alte Brücke über dem Main. In the progress of deconstructing the Alte Brücke in 1914, this statue was moved to the yard of the Historical Museum of Frankfurt. A "stone bridge" in the Frankfurt region does not appear in historical documents until 1276. On the south side (the bridge side), since 1502, the tower facade bore a sundial and a Reichsadler; on the north side (the city side) it showed an eagle. Despite protests by the Jewish community, this testimony of public antisemitism stayed in place until the tower was demolished; it even was renewed multiple times. Since its first mention in official documents in 1222, the development of Frankfurt has been strongly influenced by the bridge. Sie ist etwa 300 Meter lang und ca. Among the poets of the 20th century, Fritz von Unruh is to be emphasized, who lived in within sight of the bridge for years. It is the oldest bridge over the lower course of the river Main, and until 1886 it was the only stone bridge crossing the river. In its place, two slightly smaller mills were constructed: One to the west, in Sachsenhausen's direction, and one to the east, towards Frankfurt. It is unclear exactly when the first bridge between Frankfurt and Sachsenhausen was built. Wer im mittelalterlichen Frankfurt von „Hibbdebach“ nach „Dribbdebach“ wollte, also von Sachsenhausen in die Innenstadt, der war auf die Alte Brücke angewiesen – denn eine andere Möglichkeit den Main zu … Responsible for the penal procedure was the Frankfurt City Council, since 1387. In 1322, Albrecht von der Hofstatt mentioned a "new chapel" at the Sachsenhausen bridge tower in his testament. When the water level was high enough, the dead body came ashore only outside of the city, not being Frankfurt's business anymore. Since time immemorial, a special custom existed on the Alte Brücke, the so-called Brückenfreiheit ("bridge freedom"). Im 15. In 2004, the city countil conference decided to let the renovation start shortly after the 2006 FIFA World Cup. To finance this project, the punitive damages that Jews had to pay for crossing the bridge were used. In 1866 and 1878, during construction works, well-preserved remains of this chapel have actually been found at the place described by the written historical sources. Larger stone bridges like those in Regensburg, Prag and Würzburg were built after the 12th century. Since 1859, there had been plans to increase the width of the bridge. Examples include the Teufelsbrück, the Stone Bridge of Regensburg and the construction of Bamberg Cathedral as well as the bridge in Bamberg. Its attic was decorated with five small towerlets. council on 30 November 1399. Using such depictions, the consequences of quarrel and fighting on the bridge have been made clear to those who were unable to read. The construction was finished by the Frankfurt-Offenbacher Trambahn-Gesellschaft (FOTG) on 18 Februar 1884, and the route went from Alte Brücke (Sachsenhausen) to the "Buchrainstraße" in Oberrad. Because the provisional middle part of the bridge was only wide enough for two road lanes, a complete reconstruction of the bridge was soon planned. Over the centuries, Alte Brücke has been destroyed and reconstr… In the 1880s, the Main was channelized, increasing the water level by about two metres. Because the Frankfurt bridge tower was constructed earlier than the other tower, it was also called the Alter Brückenturm ("old bridge tower"). Its length, its firmness, and its fine appearance rendered it a notable structure, and it was, besides, almost the only memorial left from ancient times of the precautions due from the civil government to its citizens. The boathouse between two pillars of the Alte Brücke has been constructed in its current form in 1948. In 1610, painter Philipp Uffenbach added an illustration of the "Brückenfreiheit" ("bridge freedom", see below). / Jetzt bring aach Frankfurt Ehr‘ und Glick / Bis in die fernste Zeite.[13]. Da sah ein Schwede das eiserne Christusbild an dem Kreuze, und in der Wuth darüber, daß die Herren Schweden so tapfern Widerstand fanden an den Frankfurtern, legte er sein geladenes Gewehr an, zielte und schoß mit einem tüchtigen Fluche nach dem heiligen Bilde. Half of the Frankfurt coin revenue, and timber from the royal hunting forest of Wildbann Dreieich, was assigned to the maintenance of the bridge. Now, at the latest, the Alte Brücke had become a traffic impediment for the number of ships passing through the bridge. The finished bridge had a length of 237.40 metres and a width of 19.5 metres, 11 of which were reserved for the road, and 4 on each side for the sidewalks. ("These bridges' liberty means, that nobody on it by day or night, may practice wickedness, waggery or violence; else, their hand will soon be chopped off."). Fünf Mal musste er seit seiner Aufstellung im Jahr 1401 erneuert werden. On 1 October 2016, mayor Feldmann inaugurated the memorial.[21]. In December 2000, the city countil conference mandated a fundamental renovation of the whole bridge. On 22 July 1342, the most severe flood in Central Europe up to that date occurred. Wie es zu Frankfurth ergangen hat Dort band man ihnen Knie, Arme, Hände und Hals und schob sie auf einem Brett über das Brückengeländer in den Main. Only in the 19th century, again, on pictures and plans, an island can be seen that is crossed by multiple small canals, sources and drains of the bridge mills. Back then, the FOTG used a track gauge of 1000 mm ("Metre-gauge railway"). The portals on the path down to the Main island have been decorated by sandstone reliefs of the river god Moenus, and by two Kanonesteppels, a caricaturesque depiction of two artillerists. Today, the view of the bridge is characterized by four portal walls at both sides of the bridge's middle part. [20] In the end of 2014, the city community council decided to leave the original in the new museum building in Römerberg, and to put up a copy on the Alte Brücke, exactly where the "Brickegickel" had been located from 1967 to 2013. On the west side of the bridge, north of the non-vaulted pillar, two public convenience stations called the "Heimliche Gemache" ("hidden chambers") existed for men and women; they have been mentioned in historical documents back to the 15th century and had been donated by the city council. Nur bei niedrigem Wasserstand konnte es geschehen, dass ein Ertränkter noch auf Frankfurter Territorium an Land gespült wurde. Der erste versank bereits 1434 bei einem heftigen Sturm im Main. Daß er noch hinken muß, Die Brüder Grimm überliefern in ihren Deutschen Sagen die Geschichte von der Sachsenhäuser Brücke zu Frankfurt:[3]. This event concluded the centuries-old history of the bridge. Alte Brücke (German: "old bridge") is a bridge in Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany. Also, the construction of bridges had been one of the most challenging and most admired construction tasks since ancient times; for superstitious people, it was easy to imagine that supernatural powers were required for such a task to succeed. It served as a dungeon, and in 1693 the torture infrastructure was moved from the "Katharinenpforte" to this tower. This construction was supported by a broad steel pillar. An der Spitze des Kruzifixes befand sich ein goldener Hahn, als Symbol der Wachsamkeit, aber auch der Reue über den Verrat des Petrus an seinem Herrn Jesus. »Brickegickel« ziert Alte Brücke wieder. Two citizens had been born inside the mills; they have been called Gickelbürger ("rooster citizens", see below). B. die Teufelsbrück in Hamburg, die Teufelsbrücke in der Schöllenenschlucht, die Steinerne Brücke in Regensburg und den Bau des Bamberger Domes und der dortigen Brücke. This did not turn out to be a successful strategy: Within the next three days, soldiers of the United States Army occupied the whole city. The bridge had a width of 31 feet (about 9 m), including the bridge parapet made of stone, which had been one foot wide each. Die Alte Brücke in Frankfurt am Main ist die älteste und war bis Mitte des 19. Because of the upcoming International Motor Show, the construction work was finished in record time, allowing a reopening just in time on 16 September 1965. A major representative of the Kronberg artist colony, Fritz Wucherer, and the painter Otto Meisner created the last depictions of the Alte Brücke before it was deconstructed. Entweder riß ihn der Sturm vom Sockel oder er fiel Kriegen zum Opfer. In 1401, a crucifix was constructed deployed on the middle arch of the bridge, the cross arch, to mark the position of the deepest point in the waterway. Alte Brücke Die Alte Brücke wurde am 1222 erstmals urkundlich erwähnt und war über Jahrhunderte die einzige Verbindung zwischen den beiden Frankfurter Ufern. The preserved records of proceedings show that 91 people have been drowned between 1366 and 1500, followed by hanging of 70 people, and decapitation of 58 people. The fifth Brickegickel has been created with faithful reproductions of the destroyed sandstone base and the crucifix, on 7 December 1967, on the renovated Alte Brücke. For the city, the loyalty to the imperator paid off well: Beginning with 1562, all coronations of the Holy Roman Emperor took place in Frankfurt. Es handelt sich bei der Frankfurter Brückensage also wahrscheinlich um eine Wandersage, d. h. eine Übertragung einer andernorts entstandenen Sage. In the 17th century, only 38 people had been drowned, compared to 133 hanged and 28 decapitated convicts. Die heutige Alte Brücke wurde zwischen 1912 bis 1926 wieder aufgebaut. September 2020 um 15:04 Uhr bearbeitet. In the Middle Ages, drowning was the most common kind of execution in Frankfurt. The foundation for the new stone bridge was laid on 18 September 1741; the keystone was set on 14 September 1744. Er ist untrennbar mit der Geschichte der Brücke verbunden und Gegenstand einer der bekanntesten Sagen von Frankfurt. In 1840, the bridge arches were finally connected by stones. Der Baumeister hatte sich verbindlich gemacht, die Brücke bis zu einer bestimmten Zeit zu vollenden. Jahrhunderts die einzige steinerne Brücke am Unterlauf des Mains.Sie verband vom Mittelalter bis zum Jahr 1914 die Fahrgasse in der Frankfurter Altstadt mit der Brückenstraße in Sachsenhausen.Seit sie 1222 erstmals urkundlich erwähnt wurde, war die Entwicklung Frankfurts untrennbar mit ihr verbunden. Der Vertrag wurde geschlossen und der Teufel baute in der letzten Nacht, ohne daß ein Menschenauge in der Finsterniß sehen konnte, wie es zuging, die Brücke ganz richtig fertig. In 1748, the bridge was paved; afterwards, it received a representative sandstone parapet. Frankfurt – Da sitzt er wieder! Erst 1276 wird erstmals eine steinerne Brücke erwähnt, über 100 Jahre nach der Steinernen Brücke von Regensburg. Außerdem gehörte der Brückenbau seit den Zeiten der Antike zu den schwierigsten und meistbewunderten technischen Aufgaben; für abergläubische Naturen war es leicht vorstellbar, dass sie nur mit Hilfe übernatürlicher Mächte gelingen konnte. Already in 1890, the pumping station was put out of service and deconstructed. In the course of the construction of the Neue Alte Brücke ("new old bridge"), the Main island has been consolidated as well. Alte Brücke (German: "old bridge") is a bridge in Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 16. Dieser aber hatte eine menschliche Seele gewollt und wie er sich also betrogen sah, packte er zornig den Hahn, zerriß ihn und warf ihn durch die Brücke, wovon die zwei Löcher entstanden sind, die bis auf den heutigen Tag nicht können zugemauert werden, weil alles in der Nacht wieder zusammenfällt, was Tags daran gearbeitet ist. The bridge received new parapets made of sandstone, and a new lighting equipment. «Mit dem Brickegickel kehrt ein Stück Frankfurter Identität zurück an seinen Platz», sagte Oberbürgermeister Peter Feldmann … From the Middle Ages until the year 1914, it connected the "Fahrgasse" in Frankfurt Altstadt with the "Brückenstraße" in Sachsenhausen. Back then, the Sachsenhausen Main riverside was located considerably more in the south than it is today. ("He, who breaches the liberty of this bridge, will receive punishment for his sinful hand.") Bereits auf der ältesten Abbildung der Brücke aus dem Bedebuch von 1405 ist der Brickegickel, zusammen mit den beiden Brückentürmen, zu sehen. Because the financial situation of the city did not allow such a project at that time, a society named Brückenbauverein Frankfurt e.V. However, it is more likely that these poles were of medieval origin and had been used for fishing or flood protection. In the 15th century, rats had grown out of control in the city. In 1996, all the damage to the Alte Brücke that had accumulated over time was repaired in a makeshift. On 22 January 1924, the temporary replacement bridge was ripped away by strong molten ice. In this case, the corpse was buried on the graveyard next to the leper colony. He later said: Man kann fast sagen, daß die Mainbrücke das einzige schöne und einer so großen Stadt würdige Monument aus der frühern Zeit sei. Im letzten Jahr kehrte bereits Karl der Große auf die Alte Brücke zurück. These mills, too, had to be reconstructed multiple times, for example after a lightning strike-induced fire in 1718. The same situation has been preserved until today on the Eschenheimer Turm. German: An dem eisernen Kreuze auf der Sachsenhäuser Brücke hängt ein eisernes Christusbild, das in der rechten Wade eine tiefe Schußwunde hat. Sie zogen wie die Stummen Every evening, the bridge gates were closed; passing the bridge by night was strictly forbidden. The relief was lost in World War II. In diesem Fall wurde der Leichnam auf dem Friedhof beim Gutleuthof beigesetzt. The rooster was supposed to remind mariners to be cautious when steering their riverboat through the strong current below the narrow bridge arch. During the fight, the bridge mill caught fire. English: Frankfurt on the Main: Alte Bruecke (Old Bridge), long shot of the Brickegickel. April 2013)", "Derzeit keine Mehrheit für Brückenturm (7. This legend is also being told about other bridges, in very similar form. Aber seine unheilige Rohheit ward sogleich bestraft. Over a length of 279 metres, with 15 wooden bridge pillars, this replacement bridge crossed the Main at the west side of the old bridge. The gates of the bridge towers were closed at night, preventing anyone from passing the bridge during the night. These plans even included a possible removal of the Main island.

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